How many school age boys do you currently homeschool?


  • Maryanne - 13 years ago

    I have five children, four of them boys. I know many families w/ lots of boys and few girls and they all have a harder time hs their sons than daughters, myself included. I also know families w/ lots of boys and girls interspersed more evenly and they don't seem to have as difficult a time homeschooling the boys. I believe how interspersed the girls/boys are may play a role in the boys behavior. I believe the saying about men w/o women makes for wild men. ( I have a hard time keeping my daughter, "feminine" she picks up all there bad habits, plays rough and even walks like a boy. ) When you get alot of boys together its loud and chaotic and rough. Of course they are generally very fun but not very serious about anything except having fun. Homeschooling boys in that environment is tough. I know several families who have sent their boys off to private school and kept the girls home once they reach highschool. I also know families who have sent their boys to ps once they got into highschool because the boys are generally much harder to keep down. They need to be moving. I myself am having these difficulties w/ my 14 yr. old son. All he thinks about is physical things. Outdoors, football, basketball, hiking, just moving and he's not hyper. Keeping him focused on school is quite the task. So, I'm going to ask the question how do you homeschool efficiently (well enough that they can get into a decent college) and most of all joyfully when you have a house full of boys who couldn't care less. (I do believe one of the comments made regarding the fathers roll in homeschooling does play a part. If the dad is not interested, that affects the boys attitude. Not that the dad is against it, he just doesn't play a roll at all in their schooling.) I'd be interested in other families opinions w/ lots of boys and few girls.

  • Tammi K - 14 years ago

    I have 6 kids...4 girls, 2 boys. If I had more boys, I would home school more boys :)

  • Anna Miller - 14 years ago

    Just wanted to let you know that I answered the poll questions...but I only have girls! That's a good reason to not homeschool any school aged boys, right?

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