How Far Away Do You Sit? 1080i/p TV - Over 52-Inches

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Posted 10 years.


  • Californian - 10 years ago

    Uh yeah I definitely sit with one eyeball physically touching the screen, and just pan around if, for example, I need to see the score on a basketball (go Lakers!) game. It gets me into the action, and the "eye saliva", as I like to call it, makes sliding across the screen a breeze. Try it sometime (but try not to get hurt, because plasmas like mine heat up the eye pretty quickly and your eye saliva starts to boil).

  • VF - 10 years ago

    I actually just press my nose up against the set. I call it "As close as you can get to HD without actually getting wet."

  • Daniel - 10 years ago

    2 feet or under, really? You can't even see the whole screen at that distance (well, with my 61-inch you can't).

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