Should congress approve Sonia Sotomayer as Supreme Court Justice? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    259 votes

  • No
    461 votes


Posted 10 years.


  • Judy Larsen - 10 years ago

    We need to look at her professional experience and stop obsessing on whether she is liberal or conservative. Other than Justice Souter, whom she would replace, she would be the only judge with trial judge experience on the Supreme Court. And her background as a corporate litigator is also something missing in the current Supreme Court line up. She was originally appointed to District Court by President H.W. Bush, who was impressed with her resume. Her rulings, other than one in the case of the firefighters, show a strict adherence to the law and little or no sign of prejudice. Plus there are more than a few defense attorneys who consider her record on criminal law to be very conservative. And as to the "one-issue" type of voters who worry about Roe versus Wade, she will let the constitution rule; but may I remind you, she is Catholic and a Latina. I rest my case! Now enough commotion and political polarization, let's get on with approving her nomination and start fixing this economic mess we are all in before we are all out in the streets begging with a tin cup in our hands. Judy

  • Think for yourslef - 10 years ago

    Why not people??

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