If you cheated on your boyfriend, would you fess up?

  • Sophie - 7 years ago

    Wow wh*rebasher a bit harsh dont you think everyone deserves the right to do what ever they want without having to be cursed out if you want to cheat do it no one is stoping you but if you truly cared about the person that your with you wouldn't be cheating on he/she you should be open with your boyfriend/girlfriend and tell them how to please you sexually not just cheat on them. It is important to tell them immediately after you cheated on them that you cheated because you wouldn't want them to find out on there own and than be extremely made at you afterward. You should also consider being in an open relationship with this person because if you still like them but aren't ready to settle down with one person its another good option. You should always consider the person you are dating before yourself because it seriously hurts for a person to cheat on another person. Life it to short to live it in worry so don't worry your young you are able to make mistakes and it is easy to go ahead and take the long way and fix them for yourself even if you learn the hard way that it is wrong to cheat and get cheat on seriously consider the other person before yourself because in the long run your hurting yourself not anybody else

  • pixiedustt - 9 years ago

    hi im 14 and me and my bf have been going out for a couple of days and my ex who i still really like kissed me and i dont kno what to do :(

  • WhoreBasher - 9 years ago

    What a bunch of f*cking sl*ts!!!! You made a mistake my a*s! When a MAN cheats, its cause we are pigs, selfish, can't stay faithful, blah blah...but you cheating a*s women can f*ck around till your blue in the face with a stretched p*ssy, taking random cum shots in your c*nt..and its a MISTAKE? OH yeah, cause you b*tches are so innocent right? F*ck off!!!! You girls are some natural born SL*TS, just accept it. You had a boyfriend, you didnt give a f*ck about, you didnt love him enough to keep your eyes from roaming or your sl*tty legs closed, got a firm grasp of another man's d*ck, and even though you KNEW it was wrong, you still f*cked him AND without a condom, let him c*m inside your sn*tch; risking aids or unwanted pregnancy and THEN, slink back to your husband or boyfriend and f*ck HIM after, KNOWING your sl*t a*s may have contracted some sh*t, or later find out your pregnant. F*CK YOU, you deserve whatever a*s kicking, throat choking beating your man throws at you and you do not DESERVE to have a baby, for what, to f*ck up the baby's life too? Hopefully someone will take the baby off your hands and raise it right, with love and teach some morals so the kids dont turn out to be a f*cking tr*mp, c*ck sucking, c*m swallowing c*nt like you and any other girl who pulls this sh*t. WH*RES!!!!!

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