Who will win the 2010 Premier League?


  • ST16POTTER - 14 years ago

    Arsenal are wank.
    Chelsea are wank.
    Man Yoo are wank.
    Liverpool are wank.
    Tottingham are wank.
    Man Citeh are wank.
    Villa are wank.
    Everton are wank.

  • Osgood - 14 years ago

    Spurs will be bankrupt in 2 years. Harry has a knack of bleeding teams dry, doing some dodgy deals and evading his taxes then upping sticks and leaving. Man U will only maintain current form if Rooney stays off the pies. Arsenal need to buy some men, no more boys. Chelsea are the only real contenders for the title this year - Drogba is unplayable, unstoppable and peaking at the right time.

  • Damianf - 15 years ago

    Nice one Ivanhoe. Are you looking forward to the season in Spain?

  • Ivanhoe - 15 years ago

    What does a Tottenham fan after winning the Premier League?
    Turn the playstation off!!! LOL!

    Man Utd and Liverpool have sold very important players, too much important, Arsenal is gonna win if Fabregas don't get injuried every three matches, but truely, and that hurts from my gunner's heart, Chelsea is the strongest team in the Premier League, just watch them play...

  • Isaac L - 15 years ago

    Pretty good scenario... reductio ad absurdum
    I wonder what does this say about the Spurs!

  • Harry Houdini - 15 years ago

    Man Utd are traumatised after Barcelona, Chelsea's new manager is rubbish, Liverpool have no money and players are leaving and Arsenal are not ready yet. Man City are a mess and Everton have gone as far as they can. That only leaves Spurs! Totenham's tilte this year - the first in nearly 50 years... COYS

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