Do you plan to remain an eMusic customer after the company announced its price increase and its deal with Sony Music?


  • Alper - 15 years ago

    Right, not being exactly kosher, eMusic still remains to be a much better deal than many other options. And I would be happy to keep on receiving song links for eMusic on your show notes. All best!

  • thom riddle - 15 years ago

    i am also for now, sticking with them. i actually like the new stuff i can get. sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. this is the second such increase in fee/decrease in downloads since i have been a member and i think they are at 2 strikes, one more and i will be out.


  • John Mc - 15 years ago

    Not sure myself. I'm grandfathered in - althoguh I can't remember if the # of songs I get each month has gone down. Actually, I'm pissed that no email went out to customers to let them know of changes - your postcast was the first I'd heard of it.

    I was never happy that they don't send you a reminder email when your month is almost up - so I have to set my own calendar reminders each month, and have a 'stack' of save-for-later discs so I don't waste credits any more. We'll see what the fallout is from all this.

    But for now, I'll remain a customer...

  • Lively JD - 15 years ago

    I always thought that eMusic was such a super steal of a deal anyways, and it is still cheaper than most other options - I am sticking with them. They have great selections and I have received huge value from them after over a year and a half of service.
    Keep up the good work, Dave, and keep asking questions.

  • Alex - 15 years ago


    I don't want to repeat what has been said before. Let's just say it's still cheaper than iTunes, available worldwide, and that "Indie + Sony" might add value to some users. But it's also a "pay more, get less" decision.
    Maybe you could talk to them and suggest them to offer discount coupons for your listeners, or some other extra. This would be a sign of "we are still with you, indie-scene". Just an idea.

    I see your conflict: you respect/respected them, you consider/considered their business model fair, and they are an income source for you. Two thumbs up for keeping your point of view so open to us listeners, so sincere and coherent. Your decision process to keep them on board cannot raise any doubt about your intentions. eMusic might be changing, but you remain trustworthy. Thanks.

  • Nina Cartaxo - 15 years ago

    Yes, I will go on .... I don't have many options here in Brazil. I can't buy from Itunes in USA.

    And I loved emusic, I found so many precious music there...

  • CocteauBoy - 15 years ago

    I had to choose YES, but only because I'm holding out to see how it goes, as well. I was shocked to see a 30% increase in my monthly rate, but a 50% cut in what I will get. I've never had a company do that before, except New York City's MTA hikes that keep increasing, despite lack of increase in service. I would have preferred to have a MAYBE option. I did not realize this was a partnership with Sony, either. I have friends who work for Sony and they are able to give me as many CDs as I would like, but their catalog sucks SOOO bad, that I have only asked for 2 CDs in the past 8 years. They even screwed over Cyndi Lauper's return to Sony (for the second time). I think this does not bode well for eMusic, whom I have loved for so long.

  • I will stay on Emusic, basically for they Independent music catalogue and song/Price, altough this is registered and let's see what happens from this marriage with Sony but above all I'm a huge Apple fan/user.

  • Edmund O'Brien - 15 years ago

    I have 10 months left on an annual 90 dl/month plan. That will give me enough time to hide in the long grass and see what happens. And Dave, I suggest you take this tack also. I dont want you to lose revenue, and the changes might not be so bad. The fog of war is pretty thick at the moment. We need to wait and see what happens.
    I really want to stay, because of the good quality music available on emusic, and as I live in Japan, there are few alternatives other than buying CDs. If it gets really bad for us emusic subscribers (for example, getting hideously expensive, and/or with reduced access to the good standard of indie music that we have become accustomed to, rootkits in the mp3 files or the download manager? surely not!), then I hope you will cut ties with emusic, and I will probably leave too.
    Interesting to note, at the same time as emusic is rolling out its changes for the worse, cdbaby is planning some changes for the better (most importantly, downloads of single tracks will now be possible). Maybe cdbaby and other organizations will take up some of the slack.
    Keep up the good work Dave. I am a serious progressive rock fan, but I enjoy your show (and the Chillcast) for a change of pace, and bought a lot of stuff based on your podcasts.
    best wishes

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