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Prices at the pump are over $2.70 throughout Western Kenosha County. Explanations vary. Which do you think is the most plausible? (Poll Closed)

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  • Carole Dienethal - 15 years ago

    Gas prices have risen, I believe, as a means to get us to buy a new car which is "green" or one that gets good gas mileage. By doing this, people would spend which would support the economy (the false economy). Manipulation of the People is rampant with the quest to completely control the People apparent in many areas of our lives. Though most of our property assessments went down - wonder what will happen with the equalizer?
    I am a senior citizen so I remember what was happening in the 50's, especially Banks giving away valuable items to encourage you to save. Not so much anymore.....the "billboards" all encourage spending (and with credit cards), not saving. Thought this was the People's government according to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence??

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