Is Cellphone Tethering Worth It?

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  • Kit Ramos - 11 years ago

    $70 seems to be a lot for a data plan. especially since last I looked most wireless cards only cost $66. also I found that all the major brands limit your download weather it's through a card or your phone. I'd say the only time tethering would work is if you use the data plan usally for the fancy phone features and need once in a while access on a computer. otherwise a card is a better bet now days.

  • doofus88 - 11 years ago

    Use it at home because couldn't have DSL or cable at home have Alltel -no charge for tethering!:)

  • nikeplektrum - 11 years ago

    Ok, so I'm in Sweden.

    I've never heard of any operator or plan limiting tethering. Wtf?!

    I was shocked when the iPhone didn't have it, but with 3.0 you could use it with all the operators. And then AT&T doesn't have it in the US!?

  • continentalrocket - 11 years ago

    Teathering is great. But you really have to ask yourself the following question:
    Where would I use it?
    You've got your connection at home and one at work/university/wherever you are during the day, which is faster anyway. You're not going to use your laptop when you're commuting, because that's why you bought the phone with the fancy browser and e-mail client. And you're not going to use it when you're on abroad on holiday, because you'll end up spending the money you've been saving up for comic con on the phone bill.
    But if you're willing to make that sacrifice, then go for it.

  • Jaime - 11 years ago

    If you're travelling and not staying in hotels and the likes it's useful. Though here in Canada Rogers doesn't charge you for the extra service so it's included with my data plan.

    I use it all the time when at the family cottage

  • thecolor - 11 years ago

    Totally, 'sept I'm on an old BLUE plan with AT&T with unlimited Data and use JoikuSpot on my mobile, so it's like having a wireless router with me everywhere. :) Any device that has wifi capability can use my cell without thinking about it. :)

  • david - 11 years ago

    I tether my Tilt on the road, airports, when the internet goes down at the office, but I already have unlimited data, I wouldn't pay for the actual Tethering service. I say it's definitely worth it, works like a charm

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    I used it for a while before i got internet at home i didnt pay extra for it. Just the unlimited data

  • peter - 11 years ago

    It doesn't matter if it's worth it or not, what's ridiculous is that useful technologies get killed by greedy companies.

    $70 a month extra for shoddy AT&T service on an already premium priced convenience device is almost as criminal as the mark-up on a Palm Touchstone!

  • logich - 11 years ago

    If you really travel, then it is worth it to have a dedicated wireless card. If you don't travel, then the extra cost of tethering is not worth the inconvenience.

  • hotrod - 11 years ago

    Pdanet = tethering for free. :) that's the only way to tether

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