How is Your Palm Pre Signal Strength?

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Poll posted 10 years ago.


  • Don - 9 years ago

    Love the Palm Pre!! With one exception, probably the same as yours. DROPPED CALLS!!! Is there any fix, or is it a tower power problem??

  • cheapdigitalpiano - 9 years ago

    Yes too

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  • Cheaplumix - 9 years ago

    Yes 2

  • denise peterson - 9 years ago

    the pre from sprint is a great phone. i got rid of the iphone for the pre because the reception on the iphone was horrible. in my area (ne ohio), the sprint palm pre reception is great. i love the pre way better than the iphone. the iphone aps are better though.

  • ME - 9 years ago


  • karl - 10 years ago

    Have the Pre, amazing phone! Only drops calls in my house but so did my Motorola Razr v9m. I can't of what this phone can't do!!!

  • Heath Edwards - 10 years ago

    Solution is to run in 2G mode. Just run with this until a new update fixes the issue.
    ** from home screen click phone, then top left, then preferences, scroll down to network, select network type, this should be on Automatic, change this to 2G. Sorted full strength signal, no more calls being dropped.

    All this means is the data will be slower on emails etc. This must be a bug with the auto setting, run on 2G until Palm sorts it out with a new update.

    Hope this helps..

  • brandon - 10 years ago

    i have the palm pre and my old htc touch had better signal every where my mom has the phone too and she says her phone drops calls all day long. i have the same problem to. I am thinking of taking it back. U pay all this money for it and the signal SUCKS

  • Shirley Taylor - 10 years ago

    The Pre is a great internet/data features...but as a sucks. Calls drop constantly...signal, software clitch?

  • Scott Mussin - 10 years ago

    I think it's the Palm software...I was on Verizon and had a Palm Treo and the amount of dropped calls I had with that phone was unbearable. I switched to the Motorola Q and for the past two years have not dropped any calls. I switched last month to Sprint to get the Pre and as much as I love the phone and what it can do...I am back to the exact same problem as the Treo...It drops calls like nobody's business (it took me 4 calls to pay the bill bc it kept dropping). In any case, I'm hoping there is a fix for this bc I'm not looking to keep a phone and a separate pda called the pre!

  • Dolores - 10 years ago

    I have had my pre for a little over a week. I love the phone overall but I am so glad to hear that others also are having a problem with signal strength. When we call Sprint they could not understand why we were having this issue because we are in a good coverage area. I think I am beginning to understand the problem after reading the comments of others. Seems as if the towers that are supporting the network are not of the correct strength. I hope they this can be corrected soon because I do like the phone.

  • chris - 10 years ago

    I am an actual pre owner...or rather, I WAS. The DEVICE is FANTASTIC. Coolest handheld I've ever had (cooler than the iPhone, I think). As a PHONE, however...NO NO NO! Signal was awful. Nearly every call dropped - including calls to Sprint customer service trying to ask about signal strength problems. Seems that other Sprint phones have better reception than the pre. I returned my pre and will have to wait until the next generation pre is available or a new patch is available. So sad, but I need a phone that lets me actually CALL people, not just watch TV and play with cool apps.

  • Matt - 10 years ago

    I have been with sprint for a while. I had the Centro and was getting familiar with "weak signal areas," one of them being my house. I could still use the phone though. It seems that the "weak signal areas" are the same with my Pre, except, where I used to have two bars on my Centro I now have zero on my Pre. I can't use my phone at all in my house and I even have a hard time anywhere in my yard. I've also seen full strength around my town so I don't believe that there is anything wrong with the transmitter, it just sucks.

  • Sandra - 10 years ago

    Yeah I got the pre, its a cool phone. But yeah signal strength and battery blows nuts. But I love the way the internet pulls up. And balls.

  • Paul Miller - 10 years ago

    had the treo 755.. which had a MUCH stronger signal.

    That sucks.. love the phone but can go from nice looks and features but extremely weak signal that drains the battery VERY FAST

  • jim peterson - 10 years ago

    I bought a Pre three days ago and have dropped more calls from poor signal strength than in 12 years with a Nextel phone. I took it back to Sprint and they changed a setting from automatic for roaming to Sprint only. They pretended that no one else had ever had the same signal strength problem. If things don't improve fast I will be activating my old 580

  • dropem631 - 10 years ago

    I had every palm phone sprint came out with..and I had my share of signal quality..but the pre is upsetting for a 4g network..I had better service on the pro..was last phone.. I called sprint and they sendong me a signal thing to hool up to my house modem but what about other place... I live in long island n.y there should be great service all over.. Darn it

  • Ravi - 10 years ago

    so mine get no service in my house not even roaming, when i had my centro i had service all the time even if it was roaming i think this is not fair at all i spend 200 dollars to get a phone that i cant even use

  • Justin - 10 years ago

    I had the HTC touch diamond prior to the palm pre. On my commute to work, I would typically have one dropped call over the 120 mile round trip. Ever since I got the pre, I consistently get dropped calls on the same exact route. They better fix this soon or I'll be bringing mine back cause it's currently unusable.

  • Kent Hartle - 10 years ago

    I have owned many Sprint phones and the Pre is by far the worst for reception from a site that has a lower signal. I have changed the phone and worked for three weeks with their network. I have seen signal strength changes when on the charger at home site where I drop calls. My Palm 755 worked fine. I see the configuration attempting to make up for poor battery but dropping the signal strength. Although I am seeing -98 to -105 RX dbm at this site, which I understand is below acceptable by antenna mfg, I constantly drop calls at this site which I did not on the 755 or Katana. I hope they get the battery and the algorithm on the phone fixed soon.

  • Stephen - 10 years ago

    I own the Palm Pre and am very excited that this phone does what it was advertised it does, plus some of the applications you can get for the phone are great additions to an already great phone. About the coverage issue, I am certain that this is indeed a software issue, as with my past phones the signal strength was very good, if not excellent at times. The phone works great at my work, and works great outside of my home, but inside my home and the calls sometimes get dropped. To me I believe this issue will be resolved with time, plus if the Palm Pre boosts Sprint's revenue we will see more and more Sprint towers being erected. All in all this is definitely a great product and makes the iPhone look like a tinker toy (more so a toy than anything).

  • Donna - 10 years ago

    I had the palm treo 750p before this phone, and now that I have this one, everyone is telling me that cant hear me, so we hang up. The main thing it should do well, is be a phone, and it sucks!!. All the other things are very nice, but what good is it, if the phone part doesn't work that well. I regret my purchase.

  • Steve - 10 years ago

    I'm on my third Pre since June 6th. The reception tests keep failing when tested by Sprint. I had a Treo 755 and hardly ever dropped calls. I drop a lot of calls with the Pre. I hope this is a software problem that will soon be corrected.

  • mARK - 10 years ago

    I do in fact have a pre.. Waited in line for way too many hours but it was well worth it. This is a fantastic phone and in every way lives up to all its hype and high reviews. However the reception is noticeably lower than that of my Treo 755p. Sprint coverage isnt great in my area, and I usually only get about 3 bars or so tops but on my pre I am lucky to get 2. Usually it is hovering around 1 or roaming.. However it still connects and sends messages so I do not think it is a signal problem as much as it is a software problem. Although it does drop alot more of my calls than my Treo. but overall I am very satisfied with the phone. It is the best phone i have ever owned.

  • Ralph - 10 years ago

    Wow...over 2000 votes from Pre "Owners"... likely... :rolleyes:

  • DT - 10 years ago

    I didn't add to the poll simply because i don't own a Pre (yet). I'm with verizon (and hating it) but i wanted to point out that this poll is probably tainted with non Pre owners hyper clicking the poor reception button (most likely on their iPhones). I'm sure Steve Jobs already casted his vote. Its just something to think about...

  • Michael - 10 years ago

    I switched from AT&T to Sprint for the Pre. In all honesty, AT&T seems to get a better signal where I live (consistent 5 bars vs. consistent 3 on Sprint), but the voice quality on Sprint seems better.

  • Matt - 10 years ago

    @Ethan: You really limit the weight of your statement when you make a blanket comment like "AT&T's service sucks." Frankly, I can say the same about Sprint. Personally speaking, I think the Pre is a great looking device, but the Sprint service is what really limits its appeal.

  • Ethan - 10 years ago

    My reception is on par if not a bit better than my HTC Vogue - er - "Sprint Touch" got.

    It works 100% better than AT&T at my work, hence I won't get an iPhone because AT&T's reception sucks. (tounge in cheek) I don't understand why anyone would ever use AT&T, their reception is for sux (/tounge in cheek)

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