Which Web Office Suite Would You Pay For?


  • Aniruddh - 15 years ago

    Zoho would be my choice for Office suite.

  • Dennis Ashendorf - 15 years ago

    As an extensive user of both Adobe (but not Tables) and Google online applications, it is easy to make this statement: Google has the best spreadsheet and Adobe the best word processor. The "PowerPoint" clones are tied. The Adobe 'look' vs the Google 'look' isn't a big deal, but Adobe appears more modern.

    If TABLES is based on Editgrid, then Adobe has outflanked Google on two products.

  • Pishabh Badmaash - 15 years ago

    Zoho is the best one

  • Al Stevens - 15 years ago

    Zoho beats both hands down. Far more comprehensive and feature rich than either.

  • Geoff - 15 years ago

    $50/user/month? So $600 x my 6 employees and myself per year? Forever?

    Sorry, I'll hang tough with Open Office (pdf output built right in!).

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