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Which Mobbler logo do you prefer? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 118

  • alex - 14 years ago

    top one
    IMO having the logo aim to the right so to speak just looks wrong

  • James Nash - 14 years ago

    The black & orange scheme is not really part of the logo. It can be done in various other combos too - as long as the shape remains the same it will still be recognisable which is the main thing. I did a few variations of option A that you can see here: (might add a few more later if I have time). You can also find some option A-based app icon examples here: . I made all of those before I made the option B logo, but you can mentally substitute B for A in all the examples above :-)

  • tristan - 14 years ago

    To be completely annoying, I'd say something more in line with the audio scrobbler icon that's present at the moment.

    Not anti mobbler icon, just something complimentary, but hat might be because I like red more than orange.

    That said, I voted a, mostly because of the note direction.

  • Rohit - 14 years ago

    I agree with Ben. The musical note is a li'l screwed up in the second option :)

  • Ben - 14 years ago

    I voted for option A because the note is the right was around. Anyone with any musical literacy will laugh at the mirror-image quavers in option B.

  • Paul Stallion - 14 years ago

    Hi James,

    The top one I think, but both are great

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