Are You Running HDTV Cords Behind Your Wall?


  • Pilgrymm - 14 years ago

    Not all of us have available space behind the wall our TV is hanging on. Also, a good UPS that will keep your TV running for hours just on battery power is going to cost thousands. I service and replace UPS's here at work, and even the one's we use to power servers aren't going to keep a TV powered for more than a half hour at best. It is also recommended to always shut down electronics when the power is out, if they are connected to a UPS. So unless you're rich, your idea's are unfounded.

  • TeoNYC - 14 years ago

    I mounted my TV to a large panel, offset from the wall by 3". The panel is integrated into a cabnet so it becomes a single seamless piece of furniture.

  • Cellulose - 14 years ago

    What? Not everyone has a whole-house surge protector?

  • Gary Rosenthal - 14 years ago

    Why would someone take their multi-thousand dollar HD monitor and plug it directly into an unconditioned power source. I recommend properly grommet a hole behind the monitor and mounting a good battery backup system in the room behind the monitor. This way the original manufactures cord can go directly to the UPS with no crimping or bending like you would get to "coil up the cord behind the monitor". That is just a bad way to trap heat anyway. So no fear of electical storms, and If the power goes down a good UPS can keep you watching TV for hours...

  • William Hook - 14 years ago

    Both my (well, our) TVs are just sitting on a cabinet thingy, with the wiring down the back. So, it should be safe enough (and to code). :p

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