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Poll posted 10 years ago.


  • babsveloso - 10 years ago

    autocomplete in @'s or #'s!

  • daph - 10 years ago

    ooops, comin to think about it, DM with NoFollow would make Spam possible, so i take that back. and stick with Grouping Friends

  • hello - 10 years ago

    Threaded conversations!!!

  • Syaful - 10 years ago

    Settings to specify how many tweets appear in a page.

  • lmpalinsky - 10 years ago

    "@username" should not count toward the 140 character limit

  • Dustin - 10 years ago

    Being able to view tweets posted a lonnnggg time ago would be nice. I'm considering just favoriting every tweet I may think i'll like so i'll never lose it form now on. Being able to have a downloadable archive feature would be awesome as well.

  • Eric - 10 years ago

    Basic text formatting. Just about everything else breaks the simplicity that's Twitter's strength.

    If you want URL shortening, just use a Twitter app that provides it. I'd be interested to know how many people actually use Twitter's website for their posts instead of a 3rd party app.

  • Brad Connell - 10 years ago

    How about hyperlinking?

    then we wouldn't need url shorteners, we could just hyperlink with words the way we've been doing since the internet first came out.

  • Michael McKelvaney - 10 years ago

    Just the @ replies thing put back would be nice.
    I agree with @Patrick, don't cram too many features into twitter. It is great for it's simplicity.

  • Maggy - 10 years ago

    I miss:
    - seperate tags from the 140 characters
    - grouping of whom I follow
    - filtering posts from the persons I follow

  • Marcelo - 10 years ago

    Search inside someones tweets (something like Gmail search, for example "From:@twitter Hello World"; also a RT button.
    It would be interesting that avatars do not change in the hole tweets, only in future (to see past avatars).

  • Patrick - 10 years ago

    Lots of suggestions here that would totally wreck twitter. There are plenty of other options if you want this kind of stuff. Blogs, facebook and other social networking sites. Twitter works because of its simplicity. Please don't break it by filling it with junk and turning it into another pointless social networking site.

  • SimonB29 - 10 years ago

    This poll is floored. No option for "none of the above".

  • Emanuel - 10 years ago

    i want the real url in shown in the title-attribute of the short-url-a-tag. this would be nice.

  • tG - 10 years ago

    An RT button, the ability to search only within my friends and followers, auto-refresh a la friendfeed, the ability to create text links, use bold, italics and underline characters, the option to backup my tweets locally, the ability to rate and tag tweets... oh, and fewer fail whales!

  • Nasosd - 10 years ago

    Am I the only person that thinks they should implement DM'ing without adding AFTER they put some proper "report" button?

    DM'ing without following will result in massive untrackable spamming, at least now they are forced to just reply, making spammers part of the public view = easier to handle them.

  • Vikas SN - 10 years ago

    Sending DM;s to multiple people at a a time.

  • Stephannie - 10 years ago

    Being unable to reply to direct messages from someone not following me.

  • yeahmanda - 10 years ago

    I wish there was a way to put my favorite tweets into groups.

  • HanSolo - 10 years ago

    I meant userscripts.org
    https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/748 (Greasemonkey)
    http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/26500 (RT Button Script)

  • MondoMan - 10 years ago

    Not sure they would ever allow DM to people who don't follow you. Seems like to big of a privacy issue for most. Especially celebrities.

  • HanSolo - 10 years ago

    @ everyone complaining about how there is no RT button.
    Go get Greasemonkey and add the 'Retweet this' userscript from userscripts.com and you will get your RT button on the main page of Twitter.

    I'm not missing any of the features listed above though. I think the DM would be really stupid especially for the Celebs on Twitter who probably don't want to get a gazillion of DM's from random people.

    What I would love to see is an 'edit' button because typos annoy me and they happen to me so often when I type fast :(

  • Stephanie - 10 years ago

    I miss all @replies very much. I also second the need for an RT icon on the web.

  • Moe - 10 years ago

    missing the search follower & the following ...

  • Cedricdo - 10 years ago

    I agree with MRH, I would love to be able to ignore such things as "blip.fm" and people randomly retweeting "Random tweet".

    Also maybe an option to not display the tweet if the url has been shown before? eg. user1 posts a link to a guide, user2,3 RT it. Twitter only shows user1 and not 2 or 3 because the url has already been seen by you

  • MRH - 10 years ago

    The ability to filter out tweets that contain words from people you follow.
    So when they constantly tweet about things you don't want to hear about you can skip them.

  • Allayna - 10 years ago

    Twitter DOES shorten links, it uses bit.ly. I would love a RT button!

  • Jomtwit - 10 years ago

    Hello. I always found Twiitter to be information overload. It would be nicer if I can browse tweets in a more organized ways with categories and sub categories.

    I have seen some sites tried to do just that (we follow) but as they get big.. they too get overload.

  • Accessible Twitter - 10 years ago

    Rose: I also have an "Everyone" page.

    B: I agree with Steven. 140 is the core concept of Twitter, which is what makes it so great.

    Ruben: DM stands for Direct Message.

  • Josiah Ritchie - 10 years ago

    Threaded discussions (like Jaiku has)

    It bugs me when someone responds and I can't tell what they are responding too. Context is important, even in 140 characters.

  • Accessible Twitter - 10 years ago

    The one that drives me nuts is "no ability to DM someone if he/she doesn't follow you". I am a web based Twitter app that is not only web accessible, but provides text links in tweets, URL-shortening, and ReTweeting. I also provide Trends and Popular Links. Don't know why Twitter.com can't do all that and more.

  • Steven Ray - 10 years ago

    @B That's what makes twitter so good.. However you actually can send messages longer than 140 characters. But you currently have to go to the site to see it.

  • Tamara - 10 years ago

    No RT button.

  • Doug S. - 10 years ago

    Um, what about fixing @replies? I miss seeing conversations between people I follow and the people they follow. It's how I got loads of new followers and followees.

  • B - 10 years ago

    The number of characters in the messages is SO small :S Is the worst in Twitter. I understand... is a micro-blog or whatever, but would be be nice if sometimes you can post a bit longer, maybe under a link like in wordpress.

  • Lippe - 10 years ago

    I'm missing a RT button!

  • artech - 10 years ago

    block messages depending on the content

  • Missy - 10 years ago

    An email share link of some sort, as some of my older relatives don't do Twitter.

  • natalia - 10 years ago

    No RT button!

  • hammbh - 10 years ago

    A lot of these features are in Twitter related apps such as Tweet Deck.

  • fearlex - 10 years ago

    Ability to RT

  • ash - 10 years ago

    I have Twitter linked to Facebook, and I think I'd like my @replies to also show up on Facebook. I'd at least like the option...

  • @ungeheier - 10 years ago

    A way to filter out duplicate posts would be nice. It seems the new thing to do is repost the same stuff over and over again. ie: job listings, or websites promoting articles and such. I only need to see those once. The 'mark as seen' would be nice too especially when using multiple Twitter apps.

  • Bethan - 10 years ago

    Ability to RT without C&P!

  • Ruben - 10 years ago

    what does it mean DM? =)

  • Alexandre Giesbrecht - 10 years ago

    A calendar feature to browse other posts, instead of clicking on "More". Page links ("1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | etc.") would be really nice as well. Threaded conversation wouldn't hurt as well.

  • Jura S - 10 years ago

    I wish there was ability to search 1) within my network only 2) search would go further in time than just couple last months.

  • Steven Ray - 10 years ago

    If there was the ability to DM non-followers and grouping I could completely replace email with twitter.

    *I think :)

  • Davsket - 10 years ago

    the do have built-in URL shortener

  • Jansen - 10 years ago

    i'd love to see threaded conversation appearing in twitter.

  • Rose - 10 years ago

    I desperately miss the "EVERYONE" tab that we used to have on Twitter home page: what people were Tweeting all around the world in the last 5 seconds. Nothing like it now, have to search by topic = BORING.

  • Craig Huffstetler - 10 years ago

    If there was a "built-in" URL shortener I hope it would automatically update the character count before posting.

  • Eren Emre Kanal - 10 years ago

    there is built in url shortener service on twitter.com

  • LarryD - 10 years ago

    bold, ital, underline

  • Pedro Alberto - 10 years ago

    Grouping friends is a feature that I can't believe that doesn't exist.

  • Justin - 10 years ago

    I wish that the DM feature would be enabled in the future, as well as groupings of followers. If the grouping system comes in, then organization of tweets between followers from various groups will be better!

  • Scuba Steve - 10 years ago

    I wish that there was a way to get texts sent to your phone when you receive an @reply. That would be really nice

  • Iva - 10 years ago

    I wish there was a possibility for public and friends-only tweets.

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