Someone stole all the spinach from my garden. Who would do that?

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Poll posted 10 years ago.


  • Zackary Rabbit - 10 years ago

    How do you know that Mugsy and I are not collaborating? *smirk* ...hehehe.. makes you think, huh! (Can't be Lou, he's too nice, and Jed's in LA on holiday!)

  • Baby Patches - 10 years ago

    I finks it might be dat ZackRabbit but Perrythebirman is sneaky MOL hehehe Could be dat Mugsy too!

  • LouPeb - 10 years ago

    No way. Zack would never do that. My money is on Mugsy. Yep.

  • Fergus the Dog - 10 years ago

    Much though you want it to be Mugsy, it is so @zackrabbit. Apart from the fact he's a rabbit (AKA veggiefiend), he has a cooking show!!!! Check his recipes!

  • flicka47 - 10 years ago

    Well,all of them are suspicious! But did you see what @TotallyLamont did to his box of grass? AND he was bragging about it!!

  • perrythebirman - 10 years ago

    wuz der evar any queshun? iz dat mugsy i tell ya!!! hez afta da nip! dat mai story an iz stickin 2 it!!!

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