Do You Buy Local, Organic, Or Cheap?

Posted 10 years.


  • SgtMaj - 10 years ago

    Local organic IS cheap... and that's not even counting the organic food that comes straight out of my own garden.

  • sara - 10 years ago

    Local is the cheapest. And most of it is organic. We spend 25-35$ less a week in groceries when our farmers market is open. Even when we spend the extra buck or two for local dairy products.

  • brwnmamba - 10 years ago

    I joined a CSA and now have the pleasure of eating local fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides. Organic is relative based on my reading of "The Omnivore's Dilemma."

    My CSA does not use pesticides yet are are a newer CSA that cannot become a certified organic (due to cost) at this time. After reading Omnivore's Dilemma I am much more mindful about the organic marketing I see at places such as whole foods.

    Now that I have eaten the tastiest fruits and vegetables, it would be hard to go back to anything that simply doesn't taste as good.

    I come from CA where the produce tastes different than locally grown produce in NYC - but that's okay because you know what? It should, that's diversity - I understand that now.

  • tom_thinks - 10 years ago

    After reading most of that article, my views have remained unchanged. Organic is an industrial standard, and if I'm in a super market with no farmer anywhere nearby, then I must rely on that standard. But when I'm shopping at the local farmer's market, plenty of farmers there are not quite certified organic, however they don't use pesticides, or have used antibiotics on a few animals, or just can't afford certification ( even some eco-friendly farming techniques, like no-till, can't easily meet organic standards). The positive impacts of buying local, on the environment, the local economy, and the diversity of our food supply far outweigh the option of skipping the farmer's market and heading to the supermarket for organic food from around the world.

  • GreenStar - 10 years ago

    Local and organic first, then organic, then local (conventional)

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