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Posted 10 years.


  • tiffanywan - 10 years ago

    Thanks to @TomAllenDesign for starting this convo! We've decided to end the poll tonight...
    #ID has been the voted tag to represent Industrial Design topics.

    From 92 votes:
    #industrialdesign 18% (17 votes)
    #inddes 27% (25 votes)
    #indes 9% (8 votes)
    #ID 46% (42 votes)
    Other 0% (0 votes)

  • liam - 10 years ago

    i'm disappointed #id is 'winning'. is it just because it only used 2 letters? #idus or even #idu could work.
    as an aside, it's kind of facinating that there's a poll to decide this, when it seems to me that as it stands at the moment 3 or 4 industrial designers who tweet a large quantity daily, could pick whatever they wanted and make it the dominant. do you go to the mountain, or does the mountain come to you???

  • David - 10 years ago

    #idus (pronounced "I does") It's what they use for Industrial Design classes at my college.

  • Gunter Watkins - 10 years ago

    Hands down, my vote is for #ID. Its familiar, we all know what its referring to, it may be industry speak to refer to our profession as ID, But whether you are in college or are a design manager, your still going to see that red flag title and know immediately that there's something of interest there for us ID'ers

  • john_nielsen - 10 years ago

    The tag associated with the industrialdesign twibe http://www.twibes.com/group/industrialdesign , can be changed. Positive response from twibe creator @adamloving.

  • Nithinkd - 10 years ago

    I think #inddes works just because it is uniquely ind.design. I am against ID as it is way too generic. The rest are too long and #indes coudl be interior design as well right?

  • fecsx - 10 years ago

    #idesign #idsign #ider could be useful since they r not in use.. (yet)
    id is way too big already and industrialdesign is way too long and anything starting with ind.. reminds me of indesign.. so i don't like it (in connection with id)
    we could give a try to #id ..but it is clear only when using it together with #industrial design or #design ..which is too long again.. otherwise it can have various meanings.. eg. the roman number form for 499.. so what about turning it upside down and using #499 :F?

  • Raph - 10 years ago

    I agree with csven. Think of it like this, when you design something for your user/consumer/person do you always go to the user and say "tell me what you want?" ? no of course not. Why? because the user usually can't tell you what they need or they think they want it, but they don't. So instead we observe the user and gain an understanding of what is needed - thus "our choice should be what our community uses the most" is as csven says short-sighted. What the community think it wants and what the community actually needs are two different things. The community wants #ID because we held back by convention - Industrial Design must be ID. However what we need is a unique tag that no one else is using so it is easy to connect our very small community. As for new users they will adapt as they connect with the more high profile/active members of the community that are using it such as core77 or designsojourn.

  • csven - 10 years ago

    Add "Idaho"/#ID to the list of competing uses.

    As far as I'm concerned, the "our choice should be what our community uses the most" seems short-sighted. I believe it's safe to assume:

    a) the Industrial Design community is relatively small in comparison to the id ("Doom", "Quake", "RtCW") fanboy community. I can imagine the release of their next game or the open sourcing of an older engine would release a flood of #id -tagged tweets (and I confess I'd also use it in this way).

    b) the Industrial Design community is relatively small in comparison to the potential number of U.S.-based travel industry invested individuals who will likely want to use long-established two-letter state abbreviations which includes ID for Idaho when/if they decide to hop onto Twitter.

    c) the various security communities could overwhelm our oh-so-self-important community with a single "IDentity and Security" conference.

    d) potential conflicts the Industrial Design community might encounter include: "Intelligent Design", "Investigation Discovery" (TV show), "xml/ID", and, importantly, combo tags such as #TSA #ID, #Real #ID, #Live #ID, aso.

    Personally, I'd rather we use something more resistant to conflict than take a challenging "we were here first" stance when it seems so obvious the Industrial Design community would lose that battle.

  • tiffanywan - 10 years ago

    Thanks for all the participation so far! Let's keep spreading the word. I'll be tallying up and posting the result here when the clock strikes 12am on Fri July 3 EST (there doesn't seem to be a proper way to assign an end date to the poll...)


  • Waikit Chung - 10 years ago

    Agreed with DT: 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us'

    Your Base=#ID

  • DT - 10 years ago

    I think it does not matter, if we use it frequent enough, it will filter up to the top. Our choice should be what our community uses the most. And most of us use ID when we talk to each other right?

  • Jason Cooper - 10 years ago

    Since when did IDers pussy foot around interior designers?! lol

  • Raph - 10 years ago

    The problem with #ID is that when you twitter search it gets mixed up with about three other topics including identification, i'd and interior design.

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