Should I keep the auto-posting weekly Twitter links?


  • Clara - 15 years ago

    Like Mizz M, I find that your insight and choices make the information more relevant in your longer posts. Sometimes also irrelevant for me, they always carried good and valuable commentary from you, which is exactly where the added value lies in my opinion. This gets lost in this format.

  • Scott Rafer - 15 years ago

    @andrew_chen Please blog the results of this poll so other people stop with twitter roundups as blog posts too.

  • Mizz M - 15 years ago

    Andrew, I really miss your thoughtful LONGER pieces. They weren't always relevant, but they always had meat. Your twitter links are light and require too much wading through to find the good stuff - I'm not really interested in funny cat things or miscellaneous things of interest. I'd prefer you screen your own links and only post the ones that are relevant to your blog.

  • Zen - 15 years ago

    Twitter is becoming Spam and is a bit of a fad/time waster IMHO.

  • victorseo - 15 years ago

    Andrew, I have found the weekly recap very useful. I see the poll is running against me, but i hope you keep it up.

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