How do you feel about the new ad units?


  • PhpMyCoder - 13 years ago

    Well, if you think about it anyone who is smart will have Firefox or Chrome and will have installed AdBlock Plus or AdSweep. They won't ever have to worry about these ads, because these tools will block them. I'm angry that people are so greedy and need to place ads that large on their site, but if they absolutely need my guest. I won't be looking at any "YOU JUST WON A MILLION DOLLARS" 970x418 ads any time soon so I guess it really doesn't matter to me.

  • Ben Millar - 13 years ago

    What a silly post. As if you are going to have 3 massive ad units on one page. Bigger ad units if used effectively by advertisers and publishers will benefit users. Content will remain free as advertising will become more effective.

  • Zacqary Adam Green - 13 years ago

    I voted "Angry" on behalf of the people who have not yet discovered Adblock. Myself, I'm "Indifferent."

  • Alan Hirsch - 13 years ago

    Just when you thought you could get away (mostly) from annoying ads, the f---ing marketers are more than in your face.

  • Chuck Denk - 13 years ago

    I understand that ads are necessary as revenue generators for web sites that allow free access to users. However, if the ads are annoying enough, the users will access other sites where the ads are not as intrusive, thus the advertiser will not get the desired revenue. I extremely dislike rollovers that turn a web site into an obstable course to avoid the ad from obscuring what I want to see or print. PopUps are another annoyance that aren't always blocked successfully.

  • Brandon - 13 years ago

    When is anyone ever happy about bigger ads? I highly doubt it's going to increase their CTR.

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