What would you be prepared to pay for a new season of The Bugle each week?


  • Sam - 12 years ago

    I'd only be willing to pay if Andy and John got all the money, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen. Give money to Murdoch? Nope, not going to happen.

  • anns - 13 years ago

    I refuse to believe you are serious until you threaten to execute a puppy.

  • Killjoy - 13 years ago

    I don't want to pay for the bugle, but I am willing to barter. I'd say that a new pod-cast of the bugle each week is of equivalent value to the one quarter full bottle of 'white strike' extra strength cider which has been sitting in my fridge since last week, which I only bought because I had spent the rest of my money on other, more cider related pod-casts and only had £2.75 left for my binge drinking activities, which while destroying my liver and giving me crippling stomach ulcers but is unfortunately mandatory as I currently reside in Glasgow.

  • Florence - 13 years ago

    Would I pay for the Bugle? Absolutely. Would I pay Rupert Murdoch for the Bugle? Absolutely not. I always thought the Times was a slighly odd home for their genius.

    If I was Andy & John, having built up a successful format and loyal audience, I'd go independent and start charging (the Ricky Gervais model)

  • Mark - 13 years ago

    If the choice is between paying for The Bugle or not getting The Bugle, then I would definitely pay for The Bugle. Where else would I go for my random collection of lies? The Daily Express, probably.

  • Steve - 13 years ago

    I'm prepared to pay for your excellent podcast as long as you get rid of that damn rooster that cock a doodle doos at the start of each podcast. I have to race for the volume switch every time that thing is about to go off so that people don't hear it coming out of my headphones and think I'm a weirdo. I mean what would you think of a person if you thought they listened to rooster sounds on the bus?

  • Bono from Neilston - 13 years ago

    I will pay 79p per Bugle if you take out the Times Online bit at the start.

  • Gareth from Glasgow - 13 years ago

    If we have to pay for The Bugle, I want these not-so-simple demands to be met:

    1) Tom the Producer has to put on weight and grow a huge beard to be 'the Rick Rubin' of the podcasting universe (and by the way, you don't SOUND Scottish, Tommy McFakeson!!!!!)

    2) Andy goes on a little trip to cover the Ashes on the scene, and is replaced in the London studio by his attractive sister, Mrs Helen the Soundman.

    3) The American gets his own spin-off podcast, 'Yankee Doodle Went To The iTunes Chart, Riding On An RSS File', when Andy or John pisses off for a week.

    4) A special Bugle circus to be released as a video-podcast every month, starring 'Plaxaco - The Man Who Shoots Himself In The Leg', and Andy taming his bin.

    5) Florence Nightingale to be in the Soundproof Safe every week. This would make The Bugle more efficient, as Andy would be allowed to go in with her every issue during the sport section, and John could present the section without bringing up the bloody Harlequins.

    6) Tom the Producer to take over the blog - he is cool.

    7) Delonte West must freestyle rap over the Bugle theme song every week, and if John laughs, he isn't allowed to bring up a crap anecdote at the top of the show.

    And finally, 8) Read out one of my bloody e-mails!!! Tossers.

    If you do decide to make us pay for your occasionally bearable podcast, make all of these things happen within, say, 5 Bugles. If you don't, I will travel down the M8, get a plane from Glasgow Airport, and make you wish you had never been born, Schmaltz! And then I will phone my great aunt in Ontario and see if she would go down to NY and kill you, John. She's a bit frail, you know? I would not want to cause her too much trouble. And then, Tom, I will e-mail your rival podcast Answer Me This, and replace you with Martin the Audio Wizzle Dizzle! I will start my own show, and you will get a better job!!! I bet that hurts.

    Yours Bugalilly,

  • Dagmar from Germany - 13 years ago

    How about paying in €'s ?
    And those amazingly peculiar polls this website has on offer. Is the one about the Bugle just another joke ?

  • Will - 13 years ago

    I've got a buck-a-Bugle if it means survival. So let us know.

    As we learned from the Swedish Pirate Party, just because you WANT free wideos doesn't mean you can have them, because wideos cost money to make.

    Podcasts are apparently not immune from this. :(

  • Nelson - 13 years ago

    Before discussing the price of bullshit, I will require the legitimacy of this poll to be unquestioned. As it stands now, I can only hope that it is a vain attempt to satirize the voting process.

    Sincerely, on the behalf of all your seal (heart) eating cousins of the commonwealth (read: Canada),

  • Steve - 13 years ago

    I am psychologically and physically addicted to the Bugle, so if you were to stop offering the Bugle for free I would have to pay any price you name, and would probably have to become a prostitute to fund my addiction.
    However as a British resident I think I'm able to get the Bugle free on the NHS.

  • Kai - 13 years ago

    Is this because Andy shall not be attending the Fringe this year? Surely 40p would be ten times his usual income here.

  • Paul - 13 years ago

    Are you wise? Pay to be submerged in putrified bullshit for over half an hour weekly whilst gagging slowly on yet another over-worked, under-polished pun. Who do you think I am, that fromula one spank freak? My bullshit receptors are already totally efflefeckin ruined and my grasp on current affairs rotten to the core. Perhaps you should compensate us for the longlasting psychological effects of exposure to these toxically high levels of abject nonsense- I now see things that ressemble meat and two veg everywhere; they haunt me!
    I'd pay 23p- Keep up the reasonable work,
    Not very sincerely, Paul: Inverness.

  • Anna - 13 years ago

    Is a season the same as an episode? Am I paying to subscribe and that's the weekly fee from now until eternity? Or is that the entire fee for the length of a season? Or are we talking about actual seasons because I might pay for Autumn and Winter but probably not Summer. Undecided on Spring. How would I pay? Would it be part of a subscription to various Murdoch media? Because this is the only contact I have with any Murdoch media and I don't want any more. How about if I sacrifice a child or goat instead? Do I have to pay with money? I would definitely part with a paperclip, a penny and a button on a weekly basis for the privilege.

    Or is this poll meant to imply we won't have any more new Bugles until we pay up? Give me more information and then I will make an informed decision about it! This poll is absolutely meaningless as it stands!

  • Ariel - 13 years ago

    Mr Oliver, Mr Zaltzman...
    Are you guys in some kind of trouble?
    I will pay if it means keeping The Bugle alive.

    Now back to The Ashes.

  • Anderson - 13 years ago

    I mean, I'd like to say I'd pay for it, but I don't even pay for cable television. I pay a ten dollar fee for wireless internet, and I pretend that that entitles me to anything that I can find on it. You could charge whatever you wanted, and I'd still find a way to get it for free because I am poor. Here's something to think about though: Remember that British band Radiohead? They let you download their album for free, but you could pay IF YOU WANTED TO! That kind of thing seems to work for the British. Ask for a five dollar donation and four times out of five you'll probably get it. There are other options too. If you guys are hard up why not let Andy sell some soiled undies on e-bay? It worked for Richard Dawson. Anyway, love the program, or as you Brits say 'Good show old chaps and all that what's it all about alfie knowing alan parsons coogan cocaine courtney-love's vaginal nonsense as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh.'

  • Whatsit - 13 years ago

    Pay for the Bugle?! Surely not! Not unless they plan on recording every episode in the middle of the Atlantic every week with actual people in the soundproof safe! Has Andy lost a lawsuit against Wikipedia/Ahmadinejad/Almighty Zeus for bashing its/his name so many times?

  • Susan - 13 years ago

    It depends. Is the Bugle in danger of being done away with? I might try to pony up the dough if it's a means of survival.

    Otherwise? Seriously guys, we're in a depression. Give me a break.

  • Me - 13 years ago

    What everyone, and by everyone I mean four people (then again judging from the recent election turn outs, four people is representative enough), has neglected to mention is why we should pay. Will there be some kind of benefit to us, increased production quality, frequency, length or even gerth? Perhaps there is some other special benefit I can't even think of. Perhaps it is just for The Bugle to survive, has the wave of new media started to trample out the audio newspaper as well? Will the internet never cease it's merciless rampage through all that we hold dear? Lets hope not, the internet rules.

  • Rich, Horney and Lonely - 13 years ago

    I'd pay a MILLION DOLLARS (or the £2.57 equivalent) if I got to have nasty, hot, animal sex with all three of them each week...
    (All together or one at a time, details can be negotiated)

  • RustyBucket - 13 years ago

    I'd pay a dollar per podcast

    - as long as Oliver gets to taser Zaltzman the moment his free-range verbal confabulations start wandering off into the foul minefields of misappropriation and tortured methodologies causing the mind to crack open like an overripe coconut that's been dropped from the balcony of common sense leaving you screaming at your laptop BY THE GODS STOP STOP STOP even though Tom can't hear the pitiful pleas or gnashing of teeth beyond the veil of the anonymous ether.....

    or when he starts talking about cricket. God, can't stand cricket.

  • Geoff - 13 years ago

    I would be happy to pay the ritualistic sum of $.0005 for a pair of twits that are able dream of words like seasson. William Shakespeare invented more than 1,700 words; so you are apparently as inventive as .0005 Shakespeares between the two of you.

  • greg - 13 years ago

    Whats a seasson?

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