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  • matty - 9 years ago

    I have too say that by far, batman has always found a better home in animation (pre 90s excluded). My favorite version is the 90s show. Batman: Brave and The Bold is great for what it does, but is not quite as quintessential. I loved the red hood movie, and all the other new animated DC movies with Batman, I'm really looking forward to Year One. I'm not a huge fan of The Batman though (the 2003 show). In live action. I have to start by saying it's been a while since Ive seen the Keaton films, but I remember them being decent. I love the Bale movies, but like the article said I think he is a better Bruce Wayne, and the voice pisses me off (maybe he'll tone it down for TDK Rises?) Please). I abhor the Kilmer movie and I don't think Clooney ever played Batman, nope, Forever was definitely the last batman movie before Begins. And, even though the oddity that was Adam West's show happened, and I wouldn't deny it, that isn't Batman either, that is an amusing parody of the comic and of itself, and is an entertaining weird little blip, that I wouldn't have included on this poll myself. Now something I'd really like to see from a live-action movie is a decent treatment of Robin. Burt Ward was as entertaining as he could be, but not a worthy portrayal of the three dimensional character we see in the comics. And Chris O'Donnell can sod off.

  • Kevin - 10 years ago


    nuff said

  • Vernon - 11 years ago

    I have found the 'campy' version is the only one which was not unnecessarily violent and the movie ones were always much more violent and I can't afford an overpriced movie and I hate when the quality shows call the real Bat Man 'Campy' since it was worthwhile, I would love the real BatMan to come back on TV again, it was on TBS many years ago. I love quality TV myself and the batman movie was not there best one, but its better than the recent ones.

  • Droid - 11 years ago

    First off, huge Heath ledger fan before TDK.. but he DEFINITLY nailed the joker role. Jack did a good job for the joker during that time, but for the 20th century, heath pulled it off beautifully. and i voted kevin conroy because, i grew up with that cartoon. he has the most recognizable voice for batman who's not on film (if your a bathead).. Keaton did a good job too though, at least you can understand what he is saying when he is batman unlike bale most the time. batman forever, and robin! lets just say those movies never happened and forget the nightmare of that failed attempt.. that being said.. EVERYONE GET A COPY OF ARKHAM ASYLEM WHEN IT COMES OUT IN AUGUST!

  • Jimmy Gross - 11 years ago

    Heath Ledger really kicked ass as the Joker!!! Even though the first 4 Batman
    movies, in my opinion, were a joke. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight
    are the 2 best movies in the series.

  • Shawn Mayer - 11 years ago

    Keaton by a mile, he was well rounded as both Bruce and Batman.

    All you teens just have a hard-on for the new hot dude (Bale) - he's a great Bruce Wayne; stuck up, dower, barely approachable and detached... but between his voice and the choppy disconnected fight scenes he's hardly a good Batman (That could be the directors fault, or Bale's need to do more choreography practice, but the camera moves and swoops SOO much during Batman Begins/Dark Knight it's hard to tell if he is fighting or if they are just taking stills of him in different positins!)

    Nod to Adam West, but I feel the true roots of Batman were always darker than the character he played, regardless of how appropriate it was for the times...

  • Kingrat - 11 years ago

    Keaton made Batman more approachable..Bale made Batman scary..gave him a purpose and therefore made Batman...well more than a man..Bale wins this round

  • tabbie36 - 11 years ago

    I have to agree with Matt Blum. The others defined their Batman. Adam West defined a generation.

  • scott - 11 years ago

    dare we ask the question of who was the better joker ?

  • jeff - 11 years ago

    Keaton, by far. I think Bale has more votes because people are either too young or Bale's batman is more recent.

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