He sits with his legs spread wide and you’re all scrunched up, trying to take up no space.

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Posted 10 years.


  • Dawn - 10 years ago

    Some people feel its selfish because there are millions of men who do sit with their legs together or crossed. I dont feel that these men are neccisarily gay or have "gay tendencies". I think its more guyish with MOST men and there are the few that sit that way just to be selfish. I am a female who grew up in a house with 2 older brothers and our father, so I honestly do feel that 95% of the time its just in Male Genetics.

  • Damien - 10 years ago

    You forget, men have things down there. I don't like the idea of keeping my legs closed, it seems painful.

    Grow some testicles, close your legs, and see how it feels.

    You don't even comprend the pain. EVERY girl I've met has asked me at least once if it really hurts that badly, and yes, it does hurt.

    It's not self-fish, it's natural, even if A guy don't mean to keep their legs open, their body will naturally do it because a guy's subconsious mind says "that'll hurt, don't do it."

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