Pet Air: Who Do You Agree With?

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  • PAM - 10 years ago

    I can not believe treehugger....With all the jobs and it seems all United States
    Presidents have allowed to be given overseas...Yes I said all Presidents
    a lot of airlines have their call centers in other countries when the unemployment rate is at an all time high I salute someone for coming up with
    a new company a company that gives safety to our pets which if you were a
    pet owner or cared anything about animals at all or the fact this will create
    more jobs and give those of us a peace of mind when our furry family
    member is flying...ARE the militarily planes eco friendly??? TAKE A STAND ON THAT.

  • Adam - 10 years ago

    Until we tell people that they can't travel by air, it is hypocritical to call this very small airline "frivolous." Maybe I think your vacation is frivolous. Some people need to travel with their pets, so giving them a more humane option is progress.

    You'd have a much bigger impact on travelers' carbon footprints by further raising baggage fees, thus causing people to think about how much junk they need to bring with them when they travel. Extra weight = increased fuel = increased omissions. For all that people complain about baggage fees, it costs more to carry more luggage, so you should be charged for it.

    Want efficient, environmentally friendly behavior? Tax the carbon! Attacking this innovative airline isn't going to help the environment.

  • Krystle - 10 years ago

    It's true that air travel is not ideally green. However, in today's world, it is sometimes unavoidable. If the borderline animal abuse that many commenters described in the original post is true of normal airlines and baggage handlers, then there is certainly a market for a more animal friendly option.

    Perhaps the optimal and greenest solution to this problem would be demanding better pet handling on existing airlines rather than creating entirely separate flights. This kind of business may prompt airlines to create better pet carrying options in order to stay competitive.

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