Is Cristiano Ronaldo Gay?


  • Habib ur Rehmn - 10 years ago

    he is surely not, coz his style during game is absolutely hard and mascunine. those who think he is a gay, have no experience at all. he is chocolaty but calling him a gay is just jealousy or a wish to sleep with him and check him.

  • mojojojo - 12 years ago

    Yeah! i am totally agree that he is gay,damn gay. just look at the way he walks,the way he runs,the way he react if missed the goal,he looks at other player "balls" during training.(caught on videos,if you dont believe it,search for it) ya,he played well and scored a lot of goal but unfortunately he is a gay. for ronaldo fans,especially girls who think he is "hot",dont deny it,open up your eyes wider,open up your mind,step out from the narrow thinking and learn to see the real world and facts. every girl would say,he's hot,i wanna date him,i wanna sleep with him,wake up girl,i'm sure when you are infront of him,he dont give a damn to you. Paris Hilton is right,she said ronaldo is gay,eventhough she is sucks in singing but she is good in accept the fact. besides,if this speculation is wrong,why TFM called it as secret? think about it. i think he should change his name to CRISTINA GAYNALDO.

  • Brandon - 13 years ago

    Why would it be so bad if he was, dating he is yummyy ;)

  • cassie - 13 years ago

    even if he is gay he is still very hot

  • jizzy - 13 years ago

    i say he gay that ideo i watched with rooney is unacceptable i dont give a fuck what u naaiers think

  • Bru* - 13 years ago

    If only he was - :(

  • Bru* - 13 years ago

    If only he was - :(

  • Jaime - 13 years ago

    If he is gay them I'm the Pope, lol.!!
    It's jealousy from the other males, he sleeps with a hell of a lot of woman, and as for the photos of him and Rooney, I personally see nothing that suggests that he is Gay.!!
    Sour Grapes from many a Man.United supporter that he left the club, Gaucho it seems to me that you are homophobic mate, Mmm I wonder why, are you scared of expressing emotions??.

  • gaucho - 13 years ago

    i am nat gunna say he is or he is nat a gay bt all i can say is his action wiv rooney was jus unacceptable..

  • Ramphel T. Harris - 13 years ago

    Chris is no gay, detractors and frustrated fans believed Chris is gay, no day and no where on planet earth can this be true. I truly believed in him and the spirit he has. I love Chris and really admired him.

  • permal - 14 years ago

    ALL DA P3Opl3 dAT thiK Dat he Iz GaY uR d@D IZ 1 u fukin lISniN U blOODy baStaRdS u SAy SUmmAT wrONG 2 MY baB3 u FUKIN sAY SUmmAT to M33333 1STTT AND by da way how would u nw have u been sleepin wid him well if u have i would lyk 2 knw CUZ I WANNA KNW AND DEN V WILL FIND OUT HUU IZ GAY DENNN YEAH. U LEAVE MY SEXY BABE ALONE WELL NOT ONLY MINE BUT ALL DOZE GALZ DAT LOVE HIMMMMMM ....... :D H

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