Nice Price or Crack Pipe: 1976 Cosworth Vega for $3,000.

Posted 9 years.


  • Steve - 9 years ago

    Seems like a very favorable price since there were not many made.
    I had a 1973 Vega Camback GT which I bought new, and absolutely loved that car. I never had any trouble with the car which I sold a couple of years later.
    Now I have one of these rare Cosworths which only has a few thousand miles and is still like new, but much faster than my old 1973. Nice to be driving a time machine that has a motor just like my 2005 Honda Accord, but with fewer miles.
    These cars are so rare, I never saw one even when they were new in 1975-76 and I lived in Southern California.

  • oliver - 9 years ago

    But, if you give me one with a 327 that's not totally destroyed, I'll consider it.

  • JC. Hoffmeier - 9 years ago

    Owned two of these beauties; the first of which was stolen(go figure) and the second was modified and raced(hillclimbs) for several years. No matter how much weight I took off the car or how much I modified the engine it was still just too heavy to be a missle. As long as the motor didn't overheat the block could take the pressure of racing.
    Little known fact: It was the fastest car Car&Driver tested in 1976 or '77 @ 7.7 secs. 0-60. Now you can buy a Subaru that's twice as fast, right out of the box.

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