What Is The Very First Thing You Do In the Morning?

  • John van der Vuurst - 12 years ago

    The first thing I do when I wake up, is to grab my pair of glasses, otherwise the world is very hazy... (-;

  • Maurizio Cassi - 12 years ago

    Feed two lovely cats.
    Le pappe per gli adorati gatti! (IT)

  • JarFil - 12 years ago

    Actually, I first go to the bathroom... so I can run back to bed, grab my netbook, and check email and RSS while still lying for half an hour or so.

  • seth - 12 years ago

    No option for wake and bake.

  • Greg - 12 years ago

    beej. or something of the like

  • dannyomo - 12 years ago

    pipe and a crepe.

  • chris - 12 years ago

    smoke and a pancake

  • Gordon Fontenot - 12 years ago

    If ever there was a poll that needed an "all of the above" this is it. But, for the sake of answering the question, we'll say "Grab the Cellphone" because it's literally the first thing I physically do in the morning.

  • Andrew McDonald - 12 years ago

    I checked "Hop on the laptop / desktop" but I actually check email, weather and facebook from my iPod Touch. Sometimes on the weekends I will read my Kindle for a while before getting up.

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