Which effect did the uptake of modern technology (laptops, mobile phones etc.) have on your productivity?


  • Susan Grisanti Guitarist - 14 years ago

    Prior to the new 'technology' age of the last 10 years, I had time to go to the park, read great books & in general more time to be much more highly creative. Now I spend those same 30 hours a week managing my social networks, my websites, my online business. My bottom line income has dropped by 1/2 over the last 10 years because of the increasing global competition in my field exacerbated by, you guessed it, the internet & global technology. And technology has greatly increased my expenses, the cost of owning & maintaining the right computer, DSL connection etc...while my bottom line has dropped by 1/2
    Tech Crunch, here are the facts: any new technology makes 4% of it's followers 96% of the money to be made. The people that benefit the most $$ from new technology are the ones who invent & manufacture the technology.
    I'm sorry to sound so negative, but do your homework & you'll see this is true. New technology has wiped out the 'moms & pops' regional businesses around the globe. I used to have a very big list of local followers for my business. Now 50% of them go online & find better deals that I can't compete with. I'm sure this is the story in millions of small business owners.
    OK, that's my soapbox, thankyou TechCrunch, I do enjoy getting your newsletters.....

  • martin thomas - 14 years ago

    I spend a lot more time dealng with 'communications' than I used to. A lot more wasted time while peple harrass me, check up, chase, change their minds, distract, offer an opinion, get sidetracked and generally fart about doing anything but work and preventing me doing mine.

    On the plus side the technology vastly expands the research capability and the speed of research and it does a great job of time shifting allowing we to better work in differing time zones.

    The net effect is I think fewer productive hours an the need to work longer in total.

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