Who do you believe: Jason or Jimmy John's?

  • ms.parker - 8 years ago

    I just got a job at jimmy johns and the rule that you sign off in the paper work on states, if you need any additional shirt in addition to the two your recieve when you first start you have to buy them.Soooo either buy the new shirt or hand wash your shirts like ppl used to do when washer and dryer didnt exist ... having no washer or dryer is no excuse for trifflin' you wash your butt by hand why cant you do the same with your work shirts.. I mean honestly I live in a nice house and i have high effiency washer and dryer BUT I am not gonna waste water running a full wash load on two cheapo shirts when I can wash it in the sink for less. just sayin bro use what you have to your advanage!

  • Greg A. Chavez - 11 years ago

    Si se puede!!

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