If available to you, would you try medication-assisted treatment for alcohol dependence?

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  • Ann - 6 years ago

    Has anyone here tried the Sinclair Method? This is taking naltrexone 1 hour before a drink. It blocks the reward of the drink and over time extringuishes the urge to drink. On days you don't drink, you don't take the naltrexone. So you only take the naltrexone on days you give in to the drink. It does not make you sick, just makes it so one drink does not lead to 20 drinks.

  • dripdrop - 6 years ago

    I recently started taking disulfiram (antabuse). It doesn't cloud my head or take away the craving, but it works for me, because I'm an afternoon/evening drinker. Mornings are my strongest sober time, and I really want to stop drinking, but by 1 or 2pm I start craving again.

    I find that taking the pill in the morning is fairly easy, because I believe I really want to stop abusing alocohol. By the evening, even though I want to drink, it's too late. I feel a fair bit of stress and consider not taking the pill anymore, but then in the morning I feel better again about taking the pill.

  • mister - 9 years ago

    I have tried both ways. Cold turkey jus t about killed me. hi blood pressure and all. Had 15 yrs clean older now lots of medical issues. Used1 1/2 yrs my fear of withdrawl kept me out that long. Then I heard of suboxone gave it a try clean 2 months no major issues no cravings. Still need to work at it but able and happy every day gets a little better.

  • Jamaica - 10 years ago

    YES!! I would because I've been on Suboxone, which has Naltrexone in it and it helped me not drink. I think you have to HATE alcohol and HATE yourself using alcohol to finally come to the realization you should be taking a pill cause you can't control yourself. This is from a girl living in an alcoholic situation where being around drinking causes me to drink and I hate it. It leads to stagnation in life, never moving forward, loss of motivation to change, loss of motivation to recover, and denial about your situation. If you could give a drunk ANABUSE for 6 months they couldn't drink, maybe they'd have some time to acutally think about a future or a life or living it.

  • Taylor - 10 years ago

    I am on Naltrexone and it was not working when I took it at 7am because I was more of an afternoon craver. After I started taking it at 2PM, it worked much better. I would recommend this to anyone with a craving problem. It is non habit forming and does not change the way you think or feel, but it does block the pleasure cascade and helps to take away the "magic" of alcohol.

  • Ron Giveans - 10 years ago

    How mentally healthy is it to replace one "crutch" with another? Having experienced med recovery and AA 12-step, it is great to recover with a mind not altered by medication. I seem much farther from relapse with a clear mind than I did with meds.

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