Which charity would you like to support for the September 2009 Brum Twestival? (Poll Closed)

  • Acorn Hospice
    42 votes

  • Kidney Kids Appeal
    18 votes

  • Birmingham YMCA
    150 votes

  • The Conservation Trust
    6 votes

  • Fireside Day Centre in Digbeth
    30 votes

  • St Mary's Hospice in Selly Oak
    50 votes

  • Other
    50 votes

Posted 9 years.


  • Ross Nicholls - 9 years ago

    Simple choice - Bham YMCA.

  • Nitin Bhatt - 9 years ago

    All of these fantastic Charities are so worthy. However, Birmingham St Mary's Hospice stands out for me. Providing exceptional care for people with life limiting illness' and all for free. Caring for the community within the community and with little support from the NHS. Hopefully you'll never need the Hospice's support but if you did you would want it to be St Mary's. Please support them.

  • louise ardern - 9 years ago

    YMCA are a pleasure to work for...so please help us by voting?
    We can then offer the community a wider variety of services they so desperately need! By voting for Birmingham YMCA you will aid us in doing this! What a great feeling for you, knowing that you have supported us in the redevelopment producing the 'Orchard'. Giving people opportunities to learn new skills. and to enhance their knowldege and prepare them for 'work' we also offer quality affordable child care, support in housing, Youth and community facilities. so please help us achieve what we aim to do. Thanks :)

  • Many, many thanks to all those of you who supported birmingham YMCA in this poll. Your support has been truly humbling. Many thanks once again.

  • louise ardern - 9 years ago

    please vote for YMCA. They are an excellent organisation to work for and the plans we have to provide the community in erdington area are outstanding. Please support the work we do and aid us in extending this and giving the people in the community facilities which they so deperately need! Birmingham YMCA help homeless people, offering support whilst they are there and there is 'after care', we have splendid Children's Services and an excellent Youth & Community department. all in which we want to expand in the new development 'ORCHARD' please please vote for us :)

  • Kenny Laurie - 9 years ago

    The YMCA's development will change the lives of thousands of young men and women as well as helping local businesses with its new facilities.

    All charities are worthy causes but I think anyone from the Erdingtion area especially should vote to help regenerate their area with a socially beneficial scheme.

  • Amyyy - 9 years ago

    I voted for Birmingham YMCA cause they do a lot for people in need of accomodation, support and help in many different cirumstances.

    Plus i know people who once lived there .. and they were helped loads :)


  • StormySan - 9 years ago

    Nice to see some votes for Acorns coming in - they're a damn worthwhile charity doing excellent work for terminally ill children, and have had a touch time over the recent economic difficulties - especially as they rely purely on donations. A very deserving cause!

  • Yvonne McPhillips - 9 years ago

    Birmingham St Mary's Hospice cares for over a 1,000 patients every year, caring for people either at the Hospice or in their own homes. No charge is made for this service.

  • sue ford & sue sullivan - 9 years ago

    Everyone says we do a good and deserving job but without the kind help from volunteers and the public donations we could not do a excellent work which is carried out throught the midlands and the rest of the country so please vote for us.

  • Ev Beard - 9 years ago

    Children are not experiencing much of a childhood these days so I voted for Barnardo's Safe& Sound Appeal.

  • Joe Salmon - 9 years ago

    As a kidney transplantee I know severe kidney disease is hard enough for an adult to cope with. It is a nightmare for children whose whole lives revolve around dialysis for example, and so restricts their growing lives. The money raised from the Festival would go to helping to give kids hope of some normality.

  • Rebecca Cooper - 9 years ago

    Barnardo's Safe and Sound Appeal will help Barnardo's ensure the future of their vital services in Birmingham that help children overcome the devastating consequences of sexual abuse.

    Vote for them by typing "Barnardo's Safe and Sound Appeal" in the 'other' box

  • Katie - 9 years ago

    Thanks for the link to more details.

  • Alan Fraser - 9 years ago

    Birmingham YMCA are currently funraising for our new flagship Orchard redevelopment in Erdington. As well as providing accommodation for young, formerly homeless people, The Orchard will provide them with access to skills and employment through volunteering, training and social enterprise. The emphasis is on helping people into the world of work. In addition we'll be continuing and extending our existing work with children and teenagers through our nursery, softplay area and youth 'chill out zone'. Please support this worthy cause and help give our young people the best start in life.

  • Natalie Hartland - 9 years ago

    I have voted for Birmingham YMCA - a charity trying to raise money for a youth & community centre in Erdington. The local community and surrounding areas will benifit from the centre - The Orchard - with facilities such as a gym, meeting rooms for start up businesses etc - PLEASE VOTE FOR THE YMCA!

  • Owen - 9 years ago

    Rage Arts gives people of all ages the opportunity to work with professionals to create productions using film,theatre and music and to gain skills to help them in life and or their careers

  • Kate Hughes - 9 years ago

    I voted for Fireside. I think our money could have a greater impact with a smaller charity - though they are all great causes. Chuffed to see 59 people have taken the time to vote :)

  • Martin - 9 years ago

    This page has links to more details about each of the charities - http://bit.ly/kRArx

  • Katie - 9 years ago

    Any chance of links / bit more info about each charity to help me make my choice? Thanks!

  • Katie - 9 years ago

    I voted for St Basils - www.stbasils.org.uk

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