Would you buy a house because you liked the garage more than the house?

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  • R.I. Kaske Cell:(626) 297-21 Hm. (80) 525-3402 - 6 years ago

    I have a friend who lives in Idaho. He was renting a big warehouse because, in his spare time he does body work and car painting. Let me tell you, although because he works a ( 9 to 5) job he told me , up front, that would take quite a bit of time? I didn't have a problem with that. My son in law trailered the car up there from Salt Lake City, and my friend did the work. He was right, it did take quite a bit of time but over Memorial Day weekend my wife and I went to Salt Lake City, spent some time with my daughter and her children and we took a car trailer up to Utah to P/U the car. I was BLOWN AWAY by the beautiful job he had done on my car, ( I forget to say what kind of car it is? It is a 1967 Cadillac Deville Convertiible, so the car is 47 years old and I have owned for 45 years! Once we got car to Rosemead,CA my mechanic started in on it! Not counting the body work and paint, the car has a new motor with with less 10 (TEN) miles on it since we , got it home. I have receipts (I am not sure of this amount ) for over $20,000. BUT my wife says it has to go!

  • Larry Hamlin - 7 years ago

    I have tried to place an ad several times. I have not found the right spot where I can place all the information. I did finally get a small amount of information in and actually did see it but no details or location. I assume that was because I hadn't paid for the ad, which I tried to do unsuccessfully.
    I would still like to place my ad if you will help this old flat lander get it done.

    Thanks, Larry Hamlin

  • Beatrice - 10 years ago

    My husband and I had been looking for a place to buy with at least a 10 car garage for our valuable car collection as we are serious car collectors. For us the house is not an afterthought, but the garage is certainly the main thought. We found nirvana when we found CarProperty.com. Yes, Yes, Yes, we would buy a house because we like the garage more than the house!

  • Denise Ham - 10 years ago

    As a REALTOR I find that my car collector clients when purchasing a home always look at the garage first because if the cars do not fit in the garage then the home will not work. As all of us car collectors know there is never enough garage space for aprking your passion!

  • Jim - 10 years ago

    Would I? I have, twice now at least. I believe there is always bigger and better or at least different and better. Trying to finish this house/garage space 1300 sq.ft. attached with 18 foot ceiling height in the Chicago suburbs to find a bigger building to work out of.

  • Woody - 10 years ago

    mine is the neighborhood man cave.

  • Celia - 10 years ago

    I have lots of clients who I've helped buy their house and the garage was the main thing that they had to have correct. Several of them came to me from my membership as an Exclusive agent in the Marketing Network on CarProperty.com ...

  • John Barnes - 10 years ago

    If the garage is not what I want I won't even consider buying the property. That's why I'm so glad that a focus on garages is starting to take hold and sites like carproperty.com are there for me.

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