In light of the weighty evidence confirming vote-rigging by the old-gang parties, should the British Army be called upon to monitor elections?


  • PATRIOT - 12 years ago

    I could and have often, sat and cried at the state our country has reached.
    I cannot understand why our own people ie politicians with kids of their own are so hell bent on making the British culture and ID extinct. At the end of the day it will be their kids too !
    The elections were predetermined, how ? by underhand practice, vote rigging, massive massive postal vote fraud carried out on an industrial scale and the flooding of our towns with labour supporting immigrants.
    The ability of people overseas to vote, stories abound of people on visitors visa being allowed a vote. It is absolutely unimaginable that this could have happened here of all places.
    Sadly the true brit lads in the forces are brave and true but many of the generals are just an extension of the government, so it is hard to see how the army could make much difference as afterall they act on the orders of the masters.
    So the 3 headed dragon rolls on. The UK corporation hurtles toward the new world order and the individual nations of Europe will cease to exist. We must take back control. The true patriots MUST gain power and lead the way !!

  • robtheboot - 12 years ago

    good rant chimpcatcher but im going to try and educate communicity.
    i know its wasted on marxists as they should be looked on sympatheticaly as they are ill with their bigotted attitude of refusing to listen and inability to absorb facts but here goes
    "The British election was one of the “most shambolic, incompetent and fraudulent elections Britain has ever witnessed,” according to international observer and Oxford historian Mark Almond.

    Mr Almond, who is also Visiting Professor of International Relations at Bilkent University, Ankara, has said in a newspaper article that “ingenious fraudsters” from the “minority communities” have committed massive registration fraud.

    Mr Almond’s comments have confirmed the British National Party’s allegations of massive ethnic gerrymandering in east London, where dozens of voters with ethnic names were found to be registered at addresses in key wards.

    The huge ethnic “turnout” in the election played a critical role in the election result.

    According to Mr Almond, “New Labour turned voter registration into a free-for-all. Coupled with unfettered immigration, keeping accurate electoral records was thus reduced to little more than guesswork.

    “Ingenious fraudsters — usually in minority communities — were soon competing to see who could squeeze the most imaginary voters into one property.

    “Worse still, Blair also opened up postal voting to anyone who requested it, making the scope for fraud even greater,” Mr Almond wrote.

    He added that during the course of his work as an official observer in more than a hundred polls across the old Communist bloc, “I have witnessed more incompetence and corruption than I care to remember.

    so communicity who's judgement should we trust , yours with your undoubted experience of electoral frauds or Mr Almonds with his experience
    Unless your an official international observer and may i ask your qualifications. just wandering if you are in fact a professor or just have a degree from a politechnic which before labour got its evil claws on the education system would count as a poor CSE

  • Chimpcatcher - 12 years ago

    ... never read such a collective paranoid rant in my life. Get a grip on reality all of you ... conspiracy theories sound more like whinging excuses for poor politcal showing at elections. The reality is no-one wants the BNP as a mainstream party. I suppose my comment will make me a target on your "hit list"?

    Posted by Communicity on November 25th 2009, 8:23am

    ... you thick commie bastard ... I assure you wholesale electoral fraud against the BNP are not paranoidal conspiracies ... wholesale electoral fraud against the BNP is proven officially accepted fact ... mostly perpetrated by the paedophile parties, ZunuLabour and the Lib-dimbos ... if you were not so cretinous, nor so ignorant of news and current affairs you would have known over thirty ZooLabour and Lib-dimbo councillors and representatives have been convicted of blatant electoral fraud, with many of those criminal arseholes being sent to prison, like the three Asian ZuluLabour councillors in Pakiborough ... in the last few days the Royal Mail have officially admitted that 45,000 BNP political campaign leaflets for Chelmsford have gone `missing' ... beyond question certain members of the marxist trade union, the Communications Workers Union (CWU), are responsible for what is in fact theft from the Royal Mail ... this disgraceful theft of BNP campaign leflets is only one of a raft of similar thefts of BNP leaflets delivered to the Royal Mail ...

    ... as for you moronically claiming the BNP's supposedly `poor political showing at elections', you must have you marxist-shit filled head stuck so far up your own arse to know and see the BNP are daily gaining both increasing popularity and political ground ...

  • Peter Gun - 12 years ago

    ... since ZuluLabour have been shipping in millions of immigrants for the sole purpose of having a permenent in-built ZuluLabour-voting majority, incidents of electoral fraud benefiting ZanuLabour are soaring out of control, resulting in the poisoning of wells of British democracy ... if, as ZanuLabour piously claims our troops are being shot and blown to pieces in Afghanistan to bring democracy to that god-forsaken pestiferous hell-hole (yeah, we all know our troops are in that crap-hole to defend American national interests ... the Trans Afghanistan oil Pipeline ... TAP ) then ZanuLabour need to bring all our troops back home, to defend democracy in Britain, because it's ion mortal danger of being permenently destroyed by the marxist LibLabCon criminal conspiracy against the indigenous British people ...

  • Rufus - 12 years ago

    To be honest every single person should want a FAIR result, no matter which party is involved IF the BNP wasn't wanted if the BNP was as bad as you all say then you wouldn't object to a FAIR election with no rigging.
    Unless your scared of the results?

  • B Jenkins - 12 years ago

    There has been a bloodless takeover by liars and deceivers. We are to cease to exist if there plans are not reversed, genocide no less.

  • Peter - 12 years ago

    Protect our democracy and deliver us from the cheating Labour Party

  • Albion - 12 years ago

    YES Without any doubt.

  • John - 13 years ago

    "conspiracy theories" or damned hard evidence of widespread corruption at the ballot box?

    You might want to "Get a grip on reality..."

  • Communicity - 13 years ago

    I have never read such a collective paranoid rant in my life. Get a grip on reality all of you.

    Your conspiracy theories sound more like whinging excuses for poor politcal showing at elections.

    The reality is no-one wants the BNP as a mainstream party.

    I suppose my comment will make me a target on your "hit list"?

  • Celtic Morning. - 13 years ago

    I voted NO. In error. I thought the vote referred to the Afghan elections and I believe thats their business and the sooner our troops are out of there the better. As far as Britain is concerned, my answer would be an emphatic YES. We need a curb on the corrupt collection in power- of all three main parties. Anyway, my no vote will not matter because obviously others, with more sense than me, have given the YES vote a big lead.

  • strapworld - 13 years ago

    Instead of an election we need a new Cromwell.

    The Queen has failed to stop Brown/Blair and their EU ambitions.
    We cannot trust the Church/ Courts/Police/Civil Service/obviously politicians/NHS/Teachers...the list is endless. YET we can trust the military.

    So General Dannant, now retired, can be head of the new administration.

    Order will be restored by harsh discipline. Victorian Values. All politicians jailed. All Churchmen stripped of thei positions and all religions forced to ask for permission to practice (which will be refused).

    Rather harsh, but it is needed. Else, Mr Tyler, your family will have to return to lead another rebellion!

    So, Watt, I will not vote as both choices do not get what this country needs.

  • Watt Tyler - 13 years ago

    As the owner of this poll, might I respectfully ask that all those voting "no" have the courage of their convictions and provide their reasons -in which I am, and I'm sure many others are, thoroughly interested.

    Those voting "yes" have, by declaring yes to the poll's question, thereby given their reason for such a vote.

    Thanks you.

  • Littlenan - 13 years ago

    Yes, I believe the army should monitor elections.

    Since Labour came back to power in 1997 there seems many more instances of poll rigging. Maybe that's why Labour wanted postal votes allowed for everyone. Much easier to rig - especially in families where the women have to vote as the men dictate, and, if the family is not English speaking, easy to take away the forms to do it for them.

    I believe the army is probably the least politically corrupted of all the UK institutions. I mean, who can trust the police these days! And politicians, being sleazy seems to be almost mandatory for the traditional parties.

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