Should Bridezilla Karee Be Sent to the Big House?


  • Renee - 15 years ago

    Karee oh Karee. If she said she don't hold her toungue for nobody Ill be shell hold it for the COPS when they come and get her. Shell hold in i jail. She is a fat bitch who needs to be tazed. I am watching this show right now and I hope she gets hit by a car.

  • Michelle - 15 years ago

    I am watching this show right now too! I came on here because I am so angry at this b*tch talking to people talking that. I hope she sees this and feels like a dumbass for acting that way on TV. She has no class, she is fat and ugly and she belongs in hell. Why is her mother in Law letting her talk like that??? This girl is obviously miserable inside and thats why she acts like this. She is an idiot and if she ever were to talk to me like that I would cut her dress into pieces and spread it all over her front lawn. I don't know who is more stupid, her or her husband for putting up with that. What a PANSY!! Where did he find her? A farm?? It is obvious this b*tch is going to hell for being such a gigantic discrace to humanity.

  • Megan - 15 years ago

    im watching the show now and i can NOT believe how DISGUSTING this girl is. She is so nasty ESPECIALLY to her mother in law?!? what kind of woman lets a 20 year old bitch talk to her like that? watching Karee makes my stomach turn. i hope she gets her ass beat in jail because by the looks of her "fight" with her mother in law shes all bark and no bite. her size gets her winded easily. and if she didnt want ugly people at her wedding she should have stayed home herself. shes an uneducated cranky rude loud mouth. her husband should RUN FAST!!

  • teresa - 15 years ago

    i think that she was very rude and disrespectful toward all of her in laws abd her grandmother i think she rally act like that and her fiance is a stup[ided ass man and dont give a care about his mother and where the hell is her family thats why they dont have anything to do with her

  • Lorrie - 15 years ago

    I think she should have to do community service and be forced to be a slave to her mother-in-law. I can't believe Karee acted so horribly and disrespectful to her and the fact that her fiance allowed her to speak to his mother the way she did is inexcusable! I hope she watched the show and is mortified that she did all that she did. She was definitely NOT a pretty bride with that nasty attitude!

  • Melanie - 15 years ago

    I saw the show when it aired on WE TV and I thought she should've been arrested then. If I had known she was on parole I probably would have turned her in myself. I love the show and think that some of the brides are pretty ridiculous in their behavior but she was just plain cruel towards her mother in law and sister in law. She was broke and really needed the show to pay for her wedding as she had to ask her grandmother for $40 to stay in a hotel room when she and the fiance had an altercation. She had to do EVERYTHING for the wedding so she shouldn't be trying to get married right not anyway. LOVE DOESN'T PAY THE BILLS Karee.

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