Would You Use MMS on Your iPhone?


  • cosmo10292 - 13 years ago

    i feel sorry 4 all the people on at&t that have 2 put up with this no MMS bullsh*t i have the 1st gen iphone on t-mo with video recording "cycorder" & the mms unlock & works fine most of the time LOL

  • THOR - 13 years ago

    I'd never heard of MMSing before not having it on the iPhone was the newest "big deal". None of my friends or co-workers have ever discussed using it in my presence, and I only knew that people actually used it when my wife's cousin complained that it wasn't on the iPhone (though she bought one in full awareness of this anyways).

    I'm twenty-six, was active duty military for six years, and have lived in the USA my whole life, should any of that be relevant to my input.

  • MMS - 13 years ago


  • Turbohat - 13 years ago

    can't believe you guys in the US are being stiffed like this. I've had access to MMS for years here in the UK and have been with every carrier we have.

  • WiseManNumberOne - 13 years ago

    I want to be able to receive MMS images and video from non-iPhone users without having to go to a separate web site.

  • Entertainment72 - 13 years ago

    Yes, mms will and is the new e-mail give it to us already.

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