Who Goes? You Decide

Posted 10 years.


  • callum_sean_baker@yahoo.co.uk - 10 years ago

    this is gonna be so close but get freddie out only 1 hour 2 go :)

  • margaret - 10 years ago

    GET BEA OUT if she was in the house from day 1 she would have been out long ago she is causing so much trouble in the house why cant the housemates see that

  • gui0322 - 10 years ago

    If you have enough money to spend voting and you don't know who to vote for, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase evict Halfwit ! I didn't mind supporting him or anyone else in the House at first, but come on, don't you think he has gone only just a tiny teeny weeny little bit paranoid with his scheming-strategy-gameplanning-thingummijigs these weeks ? I think the scores will be tight so vote against him !

  • Jason - 10 years ago

    Get Wolverine out! Freddie put that cunt Lisa in her place last week, he needs to stay to piss off Bea (the new Karly) and Charlie (the new Kris)!!!!

  • Bald spot man - 10 years ago

    Get that grunting Neanderthal out and send him home to his Mummy.
    His toys are mising him.

  • Mrs. Me - 10 years ago

    Freddie has to go - he's a smily, arrogant arsehole and is not entertaining in the slightest.

  • Dan Dire - 10 years ago

    I think it's sad that two of the most entertaining HM are up for eviction together. I'd rather some of the dead wood like Charlie, Roddy or Dog-Face went to be honest and still have a couple of weeks of Lisa and David facing off against Marcus and Halfwit, with Bea swapping sides when the mood suits her. I never understand why people vote off the HMs they despise... it's just stupid.

    The longer Bea stays in the louder her boos are going to be when she walks :D

  • Knob Jockey - 10 years ago

    BEA (2009-08-10 23:33:49 ET)

    You obviously use DS yourself in order to speak from experience, the fact your the only one using foul language says a lot about you.

    I prefer Marcus to go, i've had enough of his broken, monotone thoughts he bores others with. A self-confessed loner who spends most of his sad time on the internet chatting to the only friends he has (whom he sees once a year, apparently, lol), i bet he doesn't brush his yellow teeth every morning, day and night in his 1 bedroom dump of a flat. Geez.. i bet he constantly stinks at home and has the nickname 'dog breath'.

  • DS - 10 years ago

    Freaks freaks freaks. BEA the one who said DS are sad.. you are sad you daft cunt.

  • Bea - 10 years ago

    Bea...fuck off you pathetic twat. DS fucking rocks and you should crawl back under your rock and die...muahahahah

  • Marcus - 10 years ago

    This is fucking bullshit, the irrepressible darkhorse shall prevail

  • Issac - 10 years ago

    Noiron SHUT UP!!!

  • lala - 10 years ago

    Freddie or Marcus out. I dont really care. Both are vile creatures. Its just a pity we cant get rid of both of them.

  • Noirin - 10 years ago

    OMG Sree you're so funny!

  • Sree - 10 years ago

    Personallyme, I think Bea needs some jingo-bingo in her juicy mango.

  • DS - 10 years ago

    Well, thats the end of this show. Whoever goes, it'll be the other one next week. Sad as it had been getting better and better, but this is the nail in Big Brother's coffin.

  • Gilbert - 10 years ago

    I would much prefer Freddie to go. I am absolutely fed up with his attitude and mannerisms.

    Marcus, for all his faults, is a much more genuine person.

  • Bea - 10 years ago

    Shut your fucking mouths sad digital spy cunts

  • The Slient Majority - 10 years ago

    Get Fredie Out, he is so arrogant now and such a hypocrite.

  • roevka - 10 years ago

    Well if both Marcus and Freddie are up there is nothing really to vote for.
    Then it wil be an all Carly vs Rodrigo BB if it isn't yet. So in this case a lot of people won't even bother to vote. Let the Charly and Rodrigo lovers decide and spend their money on this ridiculous eviction since it the rest will just be sitting ducks. Boring.

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