What did you think of Miley Cyrus' pole dance?


  • no name - 13 years ago

    omg i still tink is acting so wat if she did so its her life n if gurls want to do da same ting of miley let them is her/his decision goshh but yea il ik da sont expecilly wen it says "EVERYBODY LUKING AT ME NOW LIK WHOS DAT CHICK DATS ROCKING KICKS" but she dint do noting wrong its her perfermenced not urs


    SLUT SLUT SLUT **** I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Kamilla - 14 years ago

    OMG! Shes 16 and she does pole dancing in front of millions of kids around the world! I'm gob-smaked!

  • amiee - 14 years ago

    you don't have to dress like that miley . Jesus loves you so much and will bring peace top your heart. You are a talented gifted young lady and men dont need to lust sfter you for you to prove it. Lust is not admiration or love .

  • Roland - 14 years ago

    I agree with Jamee. It appeared to me that the pole was to help her keep her balance while one of the dancers pushed it. What would have happened if the pole wasn't there and the cart started moving? The closest she came to being suggestive with the pole was when she first got on the cart and still it was for balance so she could rise quickly in preparation for the cart to move. As for any comments about the shorts...What do you wear around the house during the hottest month of the year? You'd probably wear less (or want to, anyway) under those hot stage lights...I thought some of the dresses (like Kim Kardashian's) were more inappropriate for a kids' (OK, teens, they're still minors) show than anything Miley did. And having Kat Von D (in all her tattooed glory) "tattoo" one of the Jonas Bros. to announce a winner? What message does that send our future leaders?

  • jamee - 14 years ago

    its not like she was dancing inapropriate on the pole! you people are making such a big deal out of nothing! celebrities need a private life to. vanessa hudgens gets to pose naked but when miley uses a pole to keep her balance everybody goes insane saying mileys stripper move and crap like that! give her a break and leave her alone, miley is a wonderful singer and a wonderful performer. get a life people pick on someone who deserves it not someone who was just trying to perform her new song for the first time in front of everybody. i

  • t - 14 years ago

    haha that was nothing

  • Sara - 14 years ago

    I wonder if Miley would have danced that way if Jesus was standing by her! She claims she's a strong Christian, yet her dancing does not reflect that! It makes Christians look awful! It's something for Miley to seriously think about! And what I also don't get is that her parents were totally fine with it! They looked pretty proud after her performance!! And they consider themselves Christians! It's there job to parent her on Earth! God comes next! I am personally very dissapointed in Miley! (I hope she comes across this!)

  • Nikki - 14 years ago

    i honestly think Miley can do whatever she wants she wasnt acting like a whore at all its to a song shes singingg. woww people need to leave celebrities alone becuz they have a lifee. miley cyrus shouldnt be getting shit vanessa hutchens should she was nakedd

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