Are you tired of the GE/Olbermann vs. News Corp/O'Reilly "feud" yet?


  • Carovan - 13 years ago

    I love that Olberman wants O'Reilly fired. He thinks that would give him a shot at first place. He forgets that Nancy Grace often is in second place now and would likely be in first place if there were no Bill O'Reilly program. Olberman is a small man. What does anyone see in him to begin with? He has never been likeable and now, what little I see of him, he seems full of hate and rage. If anything, take him off the air. Maybe he can get back into the sports arena.

  • Sanford Schmeckstein - 13 years ago

    I'm hard pressed to think of anything more boring than two highly paid heads yammering about each other (or each other's corporate employer).
    this is America...we're big enough for left & right oriented channels.
    Do your own shows and stop wasting time on this nonsense.

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