Nepal has potential to become Switzerland in

Posted 10 years.


  • marianne milks - 9 years ago

    Nepal is Nepal. Switzerland would be lucky to be 10% like Nepal! Nepali people are warm, open to the world, secure in what they believe and have a history that few nations can touch. Nepal become Switzerland? Sorry...but that's a joke.
    If one means that the tourism can be like that is a REALLY funny question. But I hope that Nepal stays Nepal at least with its beauty of people and nature. Don't give it up!!!! Don't let tourism and industry take away what you have! Compromises can be made to assure eradication of poverty, medical care, education and industrial safety. Run a hard barter!!
    MM. USA

  • K.B.Gurung - 9 years ago

    What rubbish Nepal is already better than Switzerlaand. What does Nepal lack in comaprison. Worlds best mountains and highest mountains, natural beauty incomparable to any place, One of the best jungles with wild life and our cultural heritage.

    But if you compare nepalis to swiss yes we as human resource is far behind.

    Dare you compare with Nepal, its nature's best gift created by God.

    People from place to place may differ on all accounts subjected to many factors and this can not associated with nature. At the least man should not tamper with the nature and keep on passing to generations without degrading it.

  • anon - 10 years ago

    I agree, Nepal has the potential to become a Switzerland in fifteen years. But it's all dependant on the politicians to become EFFECTIVE leaders, turn the needs and desires of the people of Nepal into outcomes. Give up selfishness and incompetence and put you're efforts towards improvements, not going backwards and work together. As well as the leaders, the Nepali people in Nepal and abroad need to be part of the process. At the beginning, as an individual it may feel hopeless, but collectively, with patience, unselfishness, Nepal has the REAL potential to deliver a prosperous and peaceful Nepal.

  • Dhirendra Kunwar - 10 years ago

    Suppose 'Nepal has potential to become Switzerland in fifteen years.' " Still Nepal will 15years back Comprehension of Switzerland."

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