How did you come to know about VAMPS and their music? Please only vote ONCE!!

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  • mr.private - 11 years ago

    i really love l'arc en ciel
    but vamps is awesome to

    hyde n kaz i have been waiting to see u in indonesia

  • Midori - 11 years ago

    I normally follow what's going on with Hyde and L'arc~en~Ciel but have been out of the loop. I found out about VAMPS from my sister and the Otakon website.

  • Ritsuka - 11 years ago

    I came across Vamps by searching for Hyde. ^_^ I saw the picture of Hyde and Kaz and was like. Vamps? so I looked it up.

  • oz - 11 years ago

    im big fans of laruku,and vamps always available for me!

  • Kirai Hitori~ - 11 years ago

    I`ve been searching some things and I see about Vamps!!..and I liked so much..
    Was luck!!..
    I`m very lucky...

  • Frances - 11 years ago

    HYDE is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm already obsessed to his music!!!!

  • Vina Sulistyani Dewi - 11 years ago

    I LOVE L'Arc~en~Ciel !!!!

  • wisnu wima sanjaya - 11 years ago

    Hyde....!.. you my Inspiration....with ur Band...!

  • Kiara - 11 years ago

    I saw Vamps in concert in Maryland during Otakon 2009!! HYDE was amazing.

  • klaudia - 11 years ago

    I've been a fan of L'Arc~en~Ciel for a long, and I had been following HYDE's solo projects as well. they are amazin' . su musica y su estilo es unica, i love it

  • ドニー - 11 years ago


    I've long been a fan of the vocalist of L'arc en Ciel and really got into HYDE's solo work. So, I naturally became a fan of the VAMPS work as well. And they're really unique, a little bit of a different image (especially their American image) than what I had been used to before.

  • WhenYouSay... - 11 years ago

    Hii, I'm SNazzy~


  • Marjan - 11 years ago

    Another HYDE fan.. ^_______^ (for the music, not the pretty face. ..not ONLY the pretty face XD)

  • Tommy - 11 years ago

    I'm verry big fanz L'arc~en~ciel n Hyde . . .
    GO L'arc~en~ciel n The Vamps~

  • Allyieh - 11 years ago

    Other: MTV Iggy notified me about the offer to win free tickets for their NYC show.

  • Esme - 11 years ago

    thank you for the effort! go ahead you do a great job, i will support you (as too much like VAMPS! :D:D:D)

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