Who is Britain's smuggest person?

  • jeuxgrattage - 12 years ago


  • Daniel - 12 years ago

    No CJ from the Eggheads??

  • Colin Howard - 12 years ago

    Fi Glover has got to be the smuggest person on radio - did she never listen to John Peel's Saturday morning radio show on R4?

  • Karina Wright - 12 years ago

    Hywel is the smugest and he stinks of wee.

  • Hywel Benbow - 12 years ago

    I am not smug i am just confident.

  • Oswestry Anonymous - 12 years ago

    This poll is a farce, everyone knows that the smuggest person in Britain is Hywel 'Smug' Benbow. If he was included in this poll with a picture of him looking very pleased with himself he would win by a huge margin.

  • Johnny Lilburne - 12 years ago

    I'm disappointed that Mandy hasn't got more votes. Surely he's the smuggest person in the universe. He's certainly one of the most popular features here:


  • JDSmuginger - 12 years ago

    To all those who are suggesting Bono: great idea, but um, he's "Irish" and therefore doesnt count as "British"

    (the two are quite different)

    *rolls eyes*

  • SuzieQ - 12 years ago

    Why no George Osborne? He is the epitome of smugness.

  • Christine Hankinson - 12 years ago

    and where is Max Clifford?
    in the end had to vote for stephen fry for his twitterring on about macs. It is just insufferably cringe making.

  • Sam Webster - 12 years ago

    No Trevor McDonald?? Mega confidence + zero talent = Maximum Smugness!

  • Gordon - 12 years ago

    How could you miss out George Osborne, Geoff Hoon and David Dimbleby?

  • haju - 12 years ago

    No Bono an oversight and what about Nigella(easily as smug as Kirstie) and not even one Milliband?

  • Bitwize - 12 years ago

    its a pretty nauseating bunch. mandy , Cameron etc are smug gits but at least they have some kind of qualification, whereas spoilt little rich girls like Peaches Geldof must go off the smuggness scale by achieving fame without any talent or effort whatsoever.

  • Ivor Nadir - 12 years ago

    You've spelt Kate Winslet's name wrong. Anyway, she's not smug, just a bit gushing. For me Cameron outsmugs even Blair and Mandelson - and also outdoes them in vacuous evil. Stop the bastard.

  • Nick Garrod - 12 years ago

    The smuggest person in the country has got to Gyles Brandreth - the human equivalent of Werther's originals. Apart from him then all those smug little boy weather presenters on the BBC who visibly wet themselves at the prospect of a sweltering day and high humidity.
    Oh, and The Hamiltons!

  • David Connor - 12 years ago

    Just went straight on the search for Bono - but he isn't there.

    1. BONO

    2. BONO

    3. BONO

  • Mike Cottier - 12 years ago

    I realise the 'Nouveau Riche' like to flaunt their newly acquired status, BUT isn't the title SIR LORD ALAN SUGAR going a bit far?

  • Kate - 12 years ago

    Bono was an oversight, but even as a non-UK resident, I have to say
    the person who stands out to me as the most smug is that dreadful
    Richard Madeley!

  • Noor - 12 years ago

    Why isn't John Humphries on this list? Has he retired or something? Did he roll up his generous supply of smug and take it with him?

  • Mari - 12 years ago

    Yes, it's puerile; yes, it's beneath the perceived dignity of such a highbrow-hopeful paper, yes, all right; but oh, it was so surprisingly SATISFYING to vent some spleen in public about that smuggest prick of all, the one who has satisfied himself that God has forgiven him for the unforgiveable and so the rest of us don't matter. Yes! I VOTED FOR TONY THE ASS-KISSING, MIRROR-SUCKING WAR-ENABLER! No one else comes close!

  • viv - 12 years ago

    Bit disappointed I dived in and promptly voted for Simon Cowell, because he is very smug, but then noticed Mr Smug himself was on the list Mandelson, he surely has to be No 1, why he is the very epitome of smug. Dodgy dealings, dodgy loans but he just keeps coming back and now seems to talk just that bit posher than he did before as he twitches with his own complete and utter self importance.

  • Courtney - 12 years ago

    Why wasn't Katie Price on this list? She's got to be so high up on her horse to think that we want to see shows detailing her life. Thank god we don't get all that trash over here in canada!

  • david - 12 years ago

    Sorry, at the risk of being smug, but actually, it's me. You see I am married to Corinne. Nuf said.

  • Stu - 12 years ago

    Frank Lampard and Steve Coogan.

  • Alan - 12 years ago


  • Fiz, Andy & George - 12 years ago

    ALEX JAMES, say no more!

  • Tim - 12 years ago

    clive anderson and bono (surely a must have!) as well as Delia smith and James martin the most annoying tv cook/prestener by far!

  • MarthaMarsupial - 12 years ago

    Have I logged onto the Daily Mail by mistake. The nasty undertone of this poll is 'who do we hate the most based not on information but on our 'impression'.' Independent, spiteful tabloidism does not become you.

  • Andrew Thomas - 12 years ago

    Where's Bono? Where's George Monbiot?

    I'd already decided Ricky Gervais was my choice, being under-talented, self-obsessed and over-rated, although I was torn between voting for the fat git or the Grauniad and its ghastly eco-ponce, Monbiot.

    Stephen Fry came a close third, due mainly to his insufferable and unblinking support for the smuggest company on the planet, Apple, and his love of Twitter - home of the self-obsessed.

  • Joihn - 12 years ago

    Mybe one would expect to see this drivel on a gossip website but it is really beneath what the Independent aspires to be

  • RP - 12 years ago

    Why isn't Gordon Brown on there? He would be the run away winner.

  • sarah_a - 12 years ago

    Only one? I only get to vote for one? Life's not fair.

  • Richard - 12 years ago

    Alan Duncan surely merits a place in the top 50. I can't believe he's not in there. His appearances on Have I Got News For You were spectacularly smug and his recent 'rations' comments came as no surprise at all. The man is smugness personified.

  • Peter - 12 years ago

    Why no Jeffrey Archer ?

  • Robert - 12 years ago

    You forgot to include Jon Sopel from the BBC. Not only is he one of the most smug, he is also one of the rudest journalists on TV.

  • Geoffrey - 12 years ago

    Ian McEwan. For "Saturday", in particular.

  • Rob Hatcher - 12 years ago

    What is the point of this poll? It seems like an exercise in smugness itself.
    I thought the Independent was a "quality" newspaper.

  • John - 12 years ago

    How could you do a smug survey and miss out the most smug person in Britain.................... John Stapleton.

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