Who will be the winner in real-time search?

  • Andrew - 11 years ago

    I think with Twitter being so open that it will ultimately prevail

  • Yoe - 11 years ago

    I have 26 Twitter accounts and 40 plus websites, I never used Facebook or MySpace and don't really understand them other than they seem to be sorta of a free "Homepage with Email and now search. I just can't bring myself to learn or use Facebook or see how it is for adults or business in anyway.

  • Rene Lopez - 11 years ago

    you guys are so fucking stupid!

  • Mark Jonson - 11 years ago

    Facebook's days are numbered. They are going to fall like MySpace in another two or three years. Twitter will probably survive the fallout from that and possibly benefit as people migrate to "the next big thing." I'd say as long as Twitter's funding is sustained, they will be popular through 2013. Facebook killed themselves with the second (Twitter-like) re-design. Facebook users are Facebook users for a reason. If they wanted it to work like Twitter, they'd be using Twitter instead. As a result, Facebook further complicated their UI and a large segment of their userbase is spending less time on Facebook than at this time last year. The end is near, my friends.

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