How long will the Beck boycott last?

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  • Rhonda Custer - 10 years ago

    I think this boycott is rather childish. We live in the United State where EVERYONE has the right to FREE SPEECH. Everyone is so quick to judge Glenn Beck, it's those people who can't see past the political party lines. I'm happy we have someone like Glenn Beck who is honest and someone who is not afraid of speaking the truth even if it means letting the world know that the President isn't always truthful. Just because people disagree with our President, does not mean we are racist, crazy or just a rich conservative. People need to wake up and see what is happening to our country. We can't survive on all these entitlements and government spending. I am proud to say that I will continue to support Glenn Beck!

  • Anna - 11 years ago

    Glen Beck thank you for the hard work that you do. You make me proud to be an American! i pray for thoughts peopel who choose to disreguard the truth that is before them; they have eyes ,but they do not see , they have ears, but the do not hear, they are chosing to dimiss the truth for a lie. God help us all if the leaders of our great country have their way in reguards to heatlh care, the Fair Act, and what about this Civilian National Force? isn,t this right out unconsitutsational. Again thank you. continue the good work.!

  • Michele - 11 years ago

    What happened to freedom of speech in America? If, and that his a large IF, Glenn Beck really believes that Obama is a racist then he has a right to speak his mind. Even thought I work at CVS I will not shop there as long as they support the annihilation of one of my constitutional rights as an American citizen.

  • c - 11 years ago

    I will not buy any products of the companies that boycott Glen Beck. I already won't buy GE products. The smart companies stay out of politics but advertise on the ones with the highest rating.

  • Mark Berlinger - 11 years ago

    I did not see the Beck comment or the context. However Obama attends a black nationalist church for twenty years. Certainly, this is prima facie evidence that he entertains racial policy and motives in everything else he does. How could he not?

  • Diamond Dave - 11 years ago

    Money talks. BS walks. When K-Mart, Allstate Insurance, Kraft Foods and Walgreen's start picking up the slack--and market share--these buyers will return. Besides, no one wants to miss the single largest cable news audience in the country for more than one earnings cycle. This is business, baby. Business.

  • teddy - 11 years ago

    The real answer is FOREVER!! I spoke to Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy investor relations reps as a share holder. I was assured their boards have vowed to NEVER allow their companies to be connected to such a loose cannon. WHEN not if, one of Beck's wacko fans does something really tragic, these advertisers do not want to be seen as enablers. Rupert Murdoch is all over this. Catch Beck soon exclusively on Pajamas TV!!!!

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