Do You Ever Adjust Your HDTV Settings?

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Posted 10 years.


  • john H - 10 years ago

    I calibrated mine using some DVD that had a calibration menu.

    However, since I'm red/green colourblind, it probably did more harm than good.

  • David Hayes - 10 years ago

    I searched the web for a selection of recomended settings and picked the one that looked best to me.

  • Grandizer - 10 years ago

    I sorta calibrated. Well, I let the smart folks at CNet calibrate it for me.;pm

  • JS Banks - 10 years ago

    Come on... calibrate. It's kind of fun. You don't even have to buy a special disk, just use the calibration tools on any THX certified dvd or blu-ray. Otherwise, always watch your shows in full daylight or with the lights turned up really, really bright. That's what these TVs are set for right out of the box so they'll look good on the showroom floor.

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