I’d like to get engaged:

  • Nalir Zacharia - 12 years ago

    I have been into friendship with one girl for 6 month today and now in love with her.if i don't see her for a day i feel like being through hell. The same thing to her.We even spend more on credit if we don't see each other than being together. But the problem is, she older than me for a year, has much qualification in education than me and more over she of a high class(home). I am confused of this girl. What should i do about these qualities in her, and my question at times is that, can i cope with these her qualifications and will she be willing after everything to understand our differences. I actually need advice on what steps to take. Reply if you've read it and analysis it.

  • sweetpotatopye - 13 years ago

    I met my mate online and after a few weeks of talking we decided to meet in person. I chose a nice club that was having a live band. The atmosphere was beautiful. I decided right then and there I wanted her to be my wife. I took one of the diamond wedding bands that I was wearing and offered it to her with the line... How spontaneous are you? She said I am very. I then said, Will you marry me? She was blown away but then she stared deep into my eyes and answered yes. We were married in April of this year. I am so glad I met her and I love her every single day and in every single way. P.S. We are a same sex couple and I must say, that was the most romantic night of my life!

  • Christine - 13 years ago

    I would rather it be a private event. But the thought is sweet. He put alot of thought and planning into it to make it special.

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