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  • Anonymous - 3 years ago

    So if your husband is denying you sex and it's a night...is it still haraam or not?

  • Salman Khan - 6 years ago

    Many young men especially those older than 18 yrs find it difficult to get married quickly, the family also pressurizes them to first get a good employment. As a result, some men even stay unmarried till the age of 30. I think Imam Abu Hanifah(may Allah have mercy on him) had suggested that if a youngster fears that he may get into zina due to such situation, then he can commit a smaller sin(which, by the way, isn't explicitly prohibited) to avoid a greater sin. Allah's Messenger (PBUH) advised to fast not as a sexual remedy, but since it helps achieve more Taqwa, thereby making the heart more immune to temptations.
    And Allah knows best and He is the source the Strength. :-)

  • fatesher ismail - 6 years ago

    continue for your advice.

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