io9 TV badass smackdown, day one: Six Versus River

  • Sercee - 12 years ago

    River Tam for the win!

    Smoking hot, instant learner, super clever, devastating and vicious and determined and it doesn't matter if her weapon ir her mind, body, blade or bullet. She's lethal every way.

    ...Especially if Six happens to be holding Simon hostage, atm.

  • Tony - 12 years ago

    No contest. River would easily dispose of Six even if she came back all the time. The Ressurection Ship is gone anyway.

    And Summer can rock a red dress with the best of them.

  • Dude - 12 years ago

    Paul, River can kill people with her brain. Your argument is invalid.

  • Paul - 12 years ago

    This blind devotion to the world of Firefly is just sad. I mean... I am a fan too, but *everyone* knows an army of six would destroy the Tam sister - they just can't bear to admit it.

    This is a good contest... But it just took the wrong turn.

  • Darkman_2 - 12 years ago

    River Tam is the best, and "No power in the 'verse can stop her."

    Summer Glau Rules!!!!!!!!!!

  • madduane - 12 years ago

    I love River. I think she is a kick-ass fighter. But Caprica Six wins for me, mostly because she has been on both the dark side and the light. She is a far more commanding presence and frankly, I don't see River rocking that red dress the way Six does.

    Don't get me wrong -- I like River better as a character, but Six is the badass.


  • ace - 12 years ago

    No even a contest. River.

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