Campbell Brown's New CNN Program... (Poll Closed)
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  • Berry Hobbs - 13 years ago

    I am 65, and as a child I saw statesmen do our work. There were no Rush Limbaughs, the debate was serious yet civil. The good of all, the common good meant something. The notion of being in public service was an option, for men and some women did not face the vetting of such as Rush and Ann.

    I do and did not always agree with the debate and policy of a given president, but I lost one, Jack Kennedy, and another was fired upon. One a democrat, the other a republican, but they were my president. They were the leaders of my country, and I wished them well. They and what they represented had great influence on my life, but now it has become the popular thing to listen to the vile, hate filled words of one that publically has no room for civil discourse. Thank you for calling other to represent and stand up for what they say they will do, but I also appreciate that you represent those of us who would like a return to the days of Mike Mansfield, Michaels, Mitchell, and so many others. You are a breath of fresh air, and God bless you.

    Berry Hobbs

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