Would you team up with a stager and charge a joint commission rate?


  • Deborah Harshman - 14 years ago

    Have you considered becoming an Accredited Staging Professional Realtor? If you have been reading the posts of ASP's and Barb Schwarz, CEO of Stagedhomes and the Creator of the homestaging concept, you may agree that it is something like the initials agents might have following their name on websites and business cards,-GRS,CRS. Well, you might benefit from the online course or a local course when it is offered in your area, to give you the edge in your presentations as "professionally certified" in giving advice for Staging their property. With the internet and reality TV shows, almost every homeowner today knows the difference or would appreciate your expertise of so many years as a Realtor AND the Certification of ASP Realtor. You might even be fulfilling duty of care to a higher degree. Please visit www.stagedhomes.com and check it out.

  • Fran W. Hoover - 14 years ago

    I noticed that I'm one of the few who voted "no" to teaming up with a stager. After 23 years in this business, I believe it's my business to know what a seller needs to do to get a house "packaged to sell."

    When I go on a listing appointment that needs some staging, I recommend a stager, provide the seller the number and allow the seller and the stager work out the time; what's needed, etc.

    As part of my listing presentation, I have an entire section on "Staging to Sell." That section includes more than just changing out hardware. It goes beyond the trendy changes . . . it includes any deferred maintenance . . . it includes how to have the house show ready all the time.

    It clues the sellers in on what today's buyers are looking for. I know this better than a "stager." Or, at least, I should.

    I wants to be arms length from a stager: When the stager suggests something that may be sensitive to the seller, I'm not considered part of the negative comment.

    Good example: Just went on a high-end listing this weekend where the former listing agent had a "stager" accompany her on the appointment. The seller said the stager "marched through the house, taking notes on a clip board pad."

    Then the stager announced that $60K worth of "updating" needed to be done before the home could be put on the market. The stager recommended all "old world" fixtures, textures, etc. to replace the traditional ones in the house. The property is not the old world style. Had the sellers done what the stager suggested, they would have ended up with a house that looked like a marriage between a dog and a seal. Let's see, what would that look like? Just would not have worked; totally inconsistent with the style of the home.

    The stager may not understand that not every home needs to look old world. The agent came across as not knowing his job.

    I stick to what I do best: listing/marketing/negotiating/tracking the transaction.

    The stager can do what the stager does best.

    Fran Hoover
    RE/MAX Masters, Southlake, TX

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