Who would win a fight between a Stormtrooper and a Redshirt?

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  • KAE - 10 years ago

    The storm trooper misses the red shirt with his blaster, but being a red shirt, the shot ricochets and kills him anyway. Just before he dies, he manages to get off one shot and kills the storm trooper. He dies heroically, giving Kirk even more reason to emote over his death.

  • Connect_to_reality - 10 years ago

    I say a draw, the red shirt dies of a heart attack as soon as a shot is fired, and the storm trooper, as mentioned in the article, dies from having actually caused someones death.

  • Leftyred - 10 years ago

    Everybody knows Storm Troopers are quite adequate at killing nameless background characters. Unless the Redshirt can acquire a name; he's toast.

  • Malcolm Cleveland - 10 years ago

    Even the good guys have touble hitting targets using blasters. At least RedShirts have sustained-fire weapons whoe line of fire can be adjusted (slightly) mid firing to increase accuracy.

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