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Posted 10 years.


  • Robert Fisher - 10 years ago

    I agree that on an "enviro" newsletter listing, you are going to get the majority of people voting on what they think is the "school" answer...the Environment. But we are all (or most of us anyway) complex, multifaceted organisms, and our interests are are a complex diverse amalgam of our concerns. I voted "The War" as our major concern. Wars break things and kill people...hardly an environmentally friendly condition to perpetuate. I am also a military veteran, and proud of it...but do firemen start fires, or policemen promote crime (as a matter of Official Policy)...no, of course not.

  • b fearn - 10 years ago

    Even on Treehugger many Americans still do not understand that caring for the environment is always #1. It's simple. We depend on the environment for everything. If it becomes toxic or too dry or too windy etc. etc. the economy, healthcare and eduction won't matter.

  • buzz - 10 years ago

    good points---without a decent and responsible economy there is no healthcare , education, environment, etc--
    thats what pols just dont.

  • keithd - 10 years ago

    I think the economy is more powerful then the environment right now. We have families to support and unfortunately the environment cant help that right now. In the big picture though, environment will outweigh economy in the long run.Eventually, even if we are in a recession/depression, if the environment is out of control because of our practices, it wont matter.

  • stevnjessie - 10 years ago

    I came from the TreeHugger page. As much as I want to put down the Enviroment as first on the list, I put Health Care. When we get that thing going, people will (have to) ease into eating and living healthy. In turn, they'll consume less food and hopefully learn to cosume less - stuff.
    For most people in the United States, its not wise to preach to them - you will get a negative response. Better if we put them on the right track and things flow from there.
    The Economy is last on my list. The last thing we need is for people to consume more. People need to learn to live lean. So how easy everything is coming together?

  • Justthinkin - 10 years ago

    Whew. An eco-terrorist site posting a "survey" on what their "readers" consider "their" #1 concern! Sorta like an alcohoic doing a "survey" on which tea they don't drink.
    So is this site going to support the GE workers out of work because they are closing plants in the US so that the mercury laden twisting bulbs can be produced in the workcamps of China?

  • George Mathew - 10 years ago

    People who visit TreeHugger will obviously be more concerned about the environment than the rest. So i don't think its a great idea to have a poll at all for this issue.

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