Would You Wear A Life Recorder?


  • eddie judge - 11 years ago


  • james haddow - 11 years ago

    my dad past ten years ago he hated having his picture taken as a result i have no pics of him and i know my dad but cant remember what he looks like it keeps me up at night thinking if i cant remember him did i love him . of course i love my dad but this device would have helped me

  • Manuel Garcia - 12 years ago

    We scream, whine, complain, and spend millions of dollars a year to safeguard our personal information, and then broadcast it in a searchable data stream to a cloud server in an undisclosed area, with out concerns fot it's security, for the whole world to access.? No thanks. NOBOBY'S life is THAT interesting. It is the height of arrogence to believe that the citizens of the world, now and in the future, are going to wish to peruse OUR lives in minutiae. I'll pass. And I won't waste one nano second looking at anybody elses life. I'm too busy having one of my own.

  • Antoine - 14 years ago

    They're gonna sell it to us just like that, either the pleasure of having your life recorded, or total security.

    But that's still another device with GPS, recording what you see live, during your entire life, what about pirates and trojans? What about a governmental use of it, even maybe without your consentment?
    and another step forward, and will be directly implanted somewhere in our hands, the famous chip under the skin that no-one wants to hear about... for now

    Another step towards the loss of your freedom of thought, if they see your life, they'll "suggest" you how to live it...
    But that's only my humble advice

  • marcus - 15 years ago

    no i would not wear it

  • Ceester - 15 years ago

    I wonder what the etiquette will be for "turn off your (*&$ personal video recorder - I don't want to be part of your permanent record of the company bathroom."

    I suspect a lot of us would have about 10 hours footage of using a computer. Now _that's_ something that ought to be more organic and less prisoner-of-the-device.

    Oh, look - there's where the caps key got stuck and I had to retype that comment! No, wait, go back! ;-)

  • Kam - 15 years ago

    Listening the more luddite replies sound like 1980, why does anyone need to take a phone with them? As @Kenn ironically points out, it's happening already. We live in interesting times.

  • JP - 15 years ago

    If the data is stored encrypted on MY device and MY computer, it might be genuinely useful, especially with good Speech-to-Text searchability.

    However, to be stored on some public server, serchable visible by anyone? Oh, yes, and then the inevitable questions of "... and where were you and what were you doing when your device was stuffed in the drawer?"

    Facebook and twitter are already a dream for the police, and we must always remember the quote of Cardinal Richelieu:

    "If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him. "

  • paul o'mahony Cork - 15 years ago

    Interesting to find out the direction in which things are going. Thanks. I'm attracted by the idea because there are times I'd like to record completely all my sights, conversations etc. Could be useful for projects. But I'd certainly like to have control over when I used it.

  • Timeserver - 15 years ago

    of cource,yes!
    i wanted it from ten years ago...

  • Kimi Wei - 15 years ago

    The movie Final Cut (Robin Williams) showed how disturbing this style of technology can be. It's definitely something I can live without.

  • francine hardaway - 15 years ago

    Reminds me of the "I've fallen and I can't get up" thingy that seniors wear. What's amazing is that the poll is so close. I would have thought most would vote no. I am always a yes on this kind of thing. I don't value privacy very much:-)

  • Kenn - 15 years ago

    I have this great new little piece of tech called an iphone... i can selectivly record my important lifes events and interests.... voice, pictures, video, phone calls..... on my own time at my own choosing.... its quite cool really. :-)

    Apologies in advance for the sarcasm but i think the device is the stupidest idea i have heard in ages. File that one away with the cat cam or roach cam.

  • Ken - 15 years ago

    This would be awesome for crime evidence as it happens and possibly even a crime deterrant, no?

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